a delegate abroad (p5) - Souq Waqif

the giant spider of QNCC

the convention

the ride from arumaila to QNCC took more than 30 minutes. it felt longer, because i was dealing with the fact that my Kenyan taxi driver was not sure where the place was, and the traffic jam. plus his raggae music playlist filling the air like we were at one of caribean's beach.

while leaving chroniche area, the taxi was suddenly been honked by a 4WD. 'move away, bitch!'..well, as if the driver would said to us. 

my Kenyan taxi driver suddenly mumbled,

 ' rich qatar people. they are rude. nothing could be on their way. they can sue you anytime they want. and it is worst if you can't speak arabic. i don't like it here, but then i still have to work for money...send back home'

i had the same vibe when dealing with the locals there, hence i understand his feeling.my 5-series driver last night was complaining the same, plus about his greedy company owned by an egyptian.

the convention didn't go well. i mean the part that i had to present the paper thing. the organizer lost my presentation file and quoted i didn't send them...and as i copied the file to their laptop, they didn't transfer it into the laptop at the presentation both. it was quite haywire and annoying.

the good thing about the convention, perhaps networking..and also seeing good old friends that are working in the ME joining the event etc. it was like a big reunion for us.

we left the event a bit early that day, as friend wanted to visit souq waqif, and we had to leave to beat the traffic. they said the day before, it took 2 hours for the shuttle-bus to arrive at the hotel, despite leaving the QNCC at 6pm.

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif. that was my nth visit to place, and having arumaila which is at the souq doorstep, as my temporary crib while in Doha, was a blessed. the place has never failed to fascinate me with its own charm. i remember, back in 2009 when visited this place for few times (during the same trip), was like recreating moments from aladdin movie - the building is built based on the old souq etc. the alleys, going through and getting lost within it, would be like in the maze for most first timers. you'd end up in different place etc. hehe.

anyway, we went back to my room first to leave our bags before went to the souq. friend was looking for some souvenir to be brought back home. well...went to almost every corner that we could, bought the abayas, fridge magnets etc. before we stopped for dinner at one of the restaurants inside the souq.

anyway..the pictures below are from my several visit during the recent trip. well..i love wandering around here to see and enjoy the place at different time i.e. day and night, as the atmosphere is different. i mean the day time is best to capture the uniqueness of the building etc. , while the night time, where the place is more than alive with people from all over Doha wandering around for at least a cup of arabic coffee and shisha moment.

Arumaila during day time
the guard of souq waqif
at one of the souvenirs' shops

the pet-kingdom area - one of the most happening places within the souq

rabbit for anyone?
kittens for you?

Puppies? and the parents trying hard not to let their kids play nearby ..haramjadah haha

spices-nuts-dried food market

the main boulevard of the souq

shisha for sale

the glass artisan of Souq Waqif
hair cut anyone?
another artisan ..and he sang while doing his work..was a crowd puller

being there on and on for nth time, i guess i finally able to gauge the location and where the alleys led and connected to. the souq waqif basically can be divided into few sections:

1. the pet kingdom/market
2. the dry food & spices market
3. the perfume alley - all shops selling the arabic perfume
4. the clothing alley - pashmina rows, abaya and jubah rows, daily garment rows, fabrics rows, and misc. like toys, shoes etc.
5. the main boulevard - restaurants/eateries and also souvenirs' shops
6. the handicraft centres - interesting part of the souq where you can see people working like sewing, knitting, blowing the glass, sculpturing the building from clay, crafting etc...and even there's one shop selling preserved animals.
7. the gold-souq.

wah..that was a lot to cover, and you may get lost in the maze of the alleys connecting each section within the souq. however, regardless what, try to find the way out to the main boulevard..if you are lost..and then start your journey all over again. hehe.



  1. gip..

    x beli burung seko bawak balik? hahahhaa

    1. haha. tula. everyday pegi sini..tempting nk rembat sekor dua.

  2. I love Souq Waqif. The place feels authentic even though it's relatively a new souq. Did you check out the camel place nearby?

    1. authentic! ahah..that was a word that i was looking for. hehe. and whatttt..i missed another spot of this souq - the camel place. aiyaa..kena come again when the convention back to doha in few years. hehe.

      probably because of the major construction in the area around the souq, the camels were kept somewhere else for time being. huhuh

  3. Besar jugak pasar ni. And macam tak percaya yang souq ni baru buat sebab nampak klasik!


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