a delegate abroad (p4) - good morning doha...

good morning, Doha

the jetlag seemed to kick in as i couldn't push myself into my rem,despite that i was no longer able to concentrate on studying the paper. perhaps, it was already morning in Malaysia. i heard the subuh's azan from the musolla, which happened to be in front of the hotel. i went back to the bed, after had my subuh..as it was still early, 530am...and slowly counting the sheep. hoping that i could replace my sleeping time a bit, so that i won't be like restless for the conference.

did i manage? i barely slept..like tido-tido ayam aje and it was just a quick nap, before i woke up, hearing the sounds of people of the souq (workers, shop owners etc.) arrived. i texted my colleague and telling him that i'd be late for the morning session and went back rolling myself on the comfy king bed of my danjal room.

musolla of souq al-waqif, doha

after a while, knowing that the cafe already opened for breakfast, i decided to go down and have my breakfast early. nice cozy cafe..and guess what..the name - Al Canteen. hehe.

the room price was included the buffet breakfast and the selection was just fine enough for me. and as i spoke to friends that stayed other 5-stars hotels like Renaissance, Marriot etc. , the buffet selection was almost the same - eggs of choice from the kitchen, fruits, bakery's selection, sausage, scramble eggs etc., except they had the fried rice in addition.

anyway, to my malaysian's taste bud...i guess it was not that interesting, but edible when you started to add some pepper and ketchup. hehe. oh..the bakery's selection somehow, made into the list for a must try.

al-canteen, arumaila hotel
the menu..see the prices..my buffet cost QR95

the cafe staff service was applaudable. probably, it was not a big-chain hotel with 1000 rooms, and people don't flock the breakfast buffet like kenduri kahwin, so the only waiter (yes..one only), able to entertain all my needs for the my morning gastronomy moment, and few others that having breakfast that morning.

#something that i love going to this kind small hotel etc. as you get personal treatment from the staff, and it's more when it is a 5-star boutique hotel.

i ordered spanish omelette from the kitchen, and as mentioned earlier, it was just edible enough to my taste bud.

my spanish omelette...bon apetite

i went back to the room to take the paper print-out, and then continue reading it at my breakfast table. kinda' nervous, knowing some part of it was too technical and not my forte. after my latte had it last sip, i went back to the room and prepared myself for the event.

it had been a while since my last time wearing my suite. ah..ironically, i bought the suite back in 2009, when i came for the same conference in Doha, and now with the wide-angle effect i am experiencing, it was hard to fully button my suits. hehehe.

i went down and asked the reception to arrange a taxi to the QNCC - Qatar National Convention Centre, but unfortunately she was unable to get in touch with any taxi/car for hire. i went out and saw few taxis passing the road in front of the souq, and the lady told that i could hire them, but need to ask them for using the meter instead of the flat rate etc.

it wasn't long, as the first taxi that i waved for was available for hire, and after thanked the lady,  i was already on my way to the QNCC for my conference, riding on the grey-taxi...with a Kenyan driver, tuning the audio to his favourite reggae playlist....



  1. Aku nak kalau kat sekolah ada al-canteen macam ni. Tapi, tak nak harga macam ni. Tak mampu milik. Hahaha

    1. bon' apetite bro. haha...disebabkan mahal..terpaksa buat2 sedap


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