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Danjal Room!

Danjal Room

dare to enter? well..it is not Dajjal..hehe.

the arrival

the B777 already on the turf and lingering for a while before totally stopped for the passengers to disembark, and the FA announced for the passengers to look at the envelope given earlier to know where we should go next - arrival (blue), transit (green) and premium terminal (purple).

i thought the new airport - hamad international airport already opened, as i read it the big stories about it, the modern features and purposely built for the A380 etc. , but we were still served by the old Doha International Airport. hence, we had to take the shuttle bus from the plane to our assigned terminals. i stepped out from the shuttle bus as arriving at the arrival hall and went straight to the immigration.

i saw the lane for the VIP, first and business class, but it was closed despite there were few people on the queue etc. since the normal lane queue was still ok, i decided to go there and then got confuse with the signs above the counters where the lane heading. thought that i was wrong, i stepped out and about to join the next lane, before the a group of passengers arrived and went to the lane. and now...the queue for both lanes were long enough to frown my face.

i mean it was past midnight already, Doha time, and i was struggling to stay awake and fighting my jetlag since it was in almost dawn already in Malaysia, and you know that i only had a quick nap in the plane before. dealing with a long immigration queue perhaps the last thing I wanted to do.

the immigration went smooth and gotta pay 100 QRiyal for the VOA. the officer, well...still maintained the same vibe as i had back in 2009 - cold and serious. the guy asked me to take off my glasses to take the picture..and beb!..the camera that they used..well i must say..state of art design..hehe..as it was not like the CCTV or webcam thing that we always see at others immigration's airport. he asked me whether i'd been to Qatar before, and was looking all over my new passport for the details as i told him i'd visited before. 

'another passport. the old one' i told him.

ah.. i saw the Al-Maha arrival counter next to the normal immigration counter. well..with the sofa, and posh counter etc.it looked well premium and too bad i didn't book for ones.

#hehe..kot company tanak bayar kalau claim nanti.

the hotel - Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel

it didn't take long to see my blue-luggage bag on the conveyor. I grabbed it and made my way out passing the custom clearance etc. i looked around for the hotel counter and i pre-book the transportation to the hotel which cost me 150QRiyal. i saw my name on the lcd screen at Souq Waqif Boutique Hotel counter.

'welcome to Doha. mr agip roslan' - arumaila hotel.

eh. i thought i book Musheireb Hotel instead. probably they had moved me around as SWBH chain has 6 hotels and all of them located within the souq itself. the hotel staff warmly greeted and welcoming me. she then led me to the driver that waiting outside the arrival hall. a guy in a suit was waiting and then helped me with the luggage. and i just followed him to the car park. ah. it was a 5-series.

#amik feeling jadi org kaya with driver for a moment

it was passing midnight, but i was still surviving from the rem and carried the conversation with the driver. a Filipino, who has been working for few years there, as a driver. he thought that I was a Filipino too, well...we are all look the same, I mean people of SEA, except certain.

the empty road of Doha in the middle of the night didn't invite the F1 racer thingy in my driver, despite he was chauffeuring me on a 5-series. hehe. an ethical driver. but then, the 20 minutes journey from the airport seemed fast, as I was just about to enjoy the feeling, looking the night through the window etc. and we were already at the front of the hotel. 

check-in went fast, as the front desk manager noticed that I was a bit here and there, as I was telling him about the time in Malaysia at the moment. anyway, he told me that my booking had been reallocated to Arumaila instead of Mushereib, and I'd been upgraded to a bigger room. cool!

Arumaila apparently is one the boutique hotels under Souq-Waqif Boutique Hotel chain. more info here http://www.swbh.com/ . back in 2009, when I visited the place, I think the hotels were still under construction/renovation, as I only knew about it recently.

due to my late confirmation on this trip, most of the hotels for the delegates were fully booked. and almost all of them located at the West Bay area of Doha. remember that I mentioned that in ME, is the place where I could opt for the luxury hotel? well..because all of the hotels for the conference delegates were in the 1000QRiyal bracket, in average. and by the time I was looking for the room to book, i think it was the 1080QRiyal room of Ritz Carlton Doha, that available. huhu. anyway, i was entitled, but then knowing that i wanted to extend my stay there, and did not want to move to another hotel etc., i decided to look around.

i found room available at Mushereib Hotel at 600 QRiyal per night, and after doing some budgeting, that was perhaps, the best deal i could get for a 5 star hotel in this expensive city. in fact, since it is located within the Souq Waqif and few Doha attraction like the Islamic Art Museum, the corniche, Islamic Centre etc., it was a better deal. i didn't have to spend money for the transportation to these places, unlike if i were to stay at the West Bay area.

#somehow still missing the Wonderful experience i had when staying at the W Hotel of Doha back in 2009. too bad the room was full too.

the staff helped to brought my luggage to the room, and gosh...seeing the bed and the room, i was totally in the mood of cruising my rem with wonderful dream ...
okeh. enjoys the pictures of the room.

the king bed for the king
the dining area for two
the common area
the bathroom
the rain shower, and the body massage shower points
salvatore ferragamo toiletries! 
Amouage beb! ko hade?
the bathroom, another view ..anyway no bathtub
the corridor
the corridor to the room
the hotel lobby
waiting area at lobby area

ok. after ironing my shirts and suits etc. for the next day conference , it was time to sleep. i was no longer able to study the paper. jetlag!


  1. seriously Amouage?????????????????

  2. Lawa giler kot hotel ni!

    Tak pernah travel jauh2 lagi jadi tak pernah rasa jet lag lagi,, So tak faham perasaan bila jet lag tu., hehe


  3. meng - yeap amouage. nasib baek just for the vanity kit etc. kalau liquid toiletries, konpem aku mintak lebey2. haha.

    even salvatore pun aku simpan each day dlm bag supaya dia refill. LOL

    khai - yeap. nice touch hotel neh. something different to try vs. the big hotel chain like marriot, ritz etc.

    part jetlag tu...nasib baek time diff just 5hrs if not mistaken..bolela catch up. anyway..InsyaAllah someday..terbang jauh nye bro. hehe. backpack europe ke..hehe

  4. iNSYAAllah bro. One day..one day.. Niat dah ada.. hehe

  5. Nice hotel in great location.

    Orang Qatar ni big on Ferragamo, tak tau apasal. If it were me, I would do the same too. Hari2 simpan dalam bag, dgn harapan diorg replace dgn stok yg baru. Pastu, on the last day, try mintak extra lagi kot, hahaha!

    1. Raw, remember when we were staying at Empire?

      I did the same, though obviously itu bukan Ferragamo. Hahaha


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