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when friends proposed for us to go for a short trip to the theme park over a weekend, i was a bit reluctant. there are 2 things, almost non-existence on my travel wish list - theme park & singapore. but it was more on the latter. may be, i am too 'dramatic' about being patriotic. hehe.

theme park? well...believe or not, it has been a decade since my last roller coaster ride. and when friends saw my reluctant face, and quoted - takut la tuuhhh... haha. i was clueless to admit. the fact is, i already rode on the Big One and all level of roller coasters in Alton Tower (including the Oblivion), so my ego won't admit the fact that growing older, i am a bit scared to ride on such. 

#berlagak tak hengat!

#this was my last trip worth mentioned for 2013.

i took a night flight to JB, straight after work. friends already in JB as they were attending their department's team building. after picked me up at the airport, we went straight to the hotel, as it was late already. 

the next morning, after checked out from our room, we had breakfast at the old-town cafe, using the breakfast coupon the hotel gave us, complimentary.

done with breakfast, and it was almost 9am. we drove to Persada Convention Centre to park the car and the went to the taxi station next to it. there was also bus departed from here, but we just opted for the taxi since we didn't fancy to leave the bus for the immigration later.

the taxi ride cost us rm60 and it took a while to reach the singapore taxi station at Queen Street of Bugis area. the longest time spent on the Causeway, i think because it was weekend. Friend was scolded by the cocky Singaporean officer, as he saw friend taking picture. the fact that we were still on the Causeway, and i believe i didn't see the sign 'no photography' yet, other than 'NO HORNING' sign. the 'no photography' signs only appeared when we were about to enter and within the immigration complex. the officer was just making a big fuss to show off his power. seriously..his tone was like we were criminal. i guess that was the way Singapore officer welcoming the travelers.

our hotel , the hotel 81 chain, located at Sultan Street of Bugis. we walked to our hotel from the station, guided by the GPS on my lumia and made to the place after 30 minutes of wandering. we checked in to our room. well..i must say, the rate is expensive compared to what we could get in tanahairku or elsewhere. luckily we went by group, so we could split the cost. if we were to go with the budget range, it'd fit us to sleep in the hostel only.

#gotta to stay in hotel because member of the group ada yg perempuan and not comfortable on sharing bathroom etc.

it was already 12pm, and we were late! we went out and waiting for the taxi at the taxi stand across the street. the blue-cab arrived and friend told here we were going to USS as soon as she opened the door. while all of us comfortable had our seat in the taxi..suddenly the taxi driver loudly spoke ' Halooo?'. we were stunned with that and clueless for a while, until he said ' where are you going?'.

'uncle.... USS. she told you earlier'


'Universal Studio...'

'Oooo... here don't use short form..people don't understand....say Universal Studio next time!'

# wtf?

knowing that we were a bit shocked and offended with him, the tone of his voice suddenly change and along the ride to the USS, he was trying very hard to be friendly, by being talkative...offering tips etc. and until we were clueless to ask. 'Anymore questions? don't afraid..just spill out'

ok. he was friendly and kind. he told us about the do's and don'ts...and didn't bragging at all about how superior the country compared to tanahairku. that was good enough for me.

we arrived at Sentosa after 30 minutes ++ taxi ride and it cost us about SGD7. he dropped us at the lower ground entrance, which i supposed all the vehicles - buses, taxis, cars etc. went through.

we bought the tickets for SGD63 per person, using the mastercard discount, and then decided to add another SGD50 for the express pass. the reason - it was school holiday, and weekend.

i know it was pricey (too pricey), but luckily we made that decision. as we arrived late, and we only had half a day, so having the express pass...really a convenient. we were literally use it for all the rides and attractions.i think we just missed the 'Donkey Singing' and the 'Magic Potion Ferris Wheel' at Far Far Away. other than that...even the kids ride like 'Sesame Street Spaghetti Chase' and 'Merry Go Round of Madagascar' were invaded by us with our express pass. hahaha.

it was raining heavily after we went out from the 4D show at Far Far Away, and we had to wait for a while under a shelter nearby. the parade was then cancelled due to the rain.

it was late afternoon already, but we decided to stay back for the fireworks. before that we went to have our late lunch/early dinner at one of the halal fast food there. Dang!..the hot dogs and soft drink cost SGD15++.

while waiting for the fireworks to start, i went to the souvenir shops to buy t-shirts and some mementos. i tried the churros too, but it was not that good. probably i was expecting like what i saw in Perth. hehe. we made a stop at the Hard Rock Cafe to buy t-shirt, and then went down to get the taxi back to our hotel.

everybody seemed tired to go out wandering at Bugis area, even for late dinner/supper etc. hence, we bid farewell to the night early.

the next morning, we checked out as early as 7a.m as friends wanted to go back to JB as soon as possible. we went to the same taxi station and then took a taxi to JB. we paid SGD40 for that. once we arrived JB, we had breakfast at Skudai, before heading straight to KL. no de-tour to JPO or whatsoever. i had to obey with the drivers. maklumlah..menumpang...

we arrived KL around 2pm.

overall...the whole trip didn't turn out as per plan...i mean we discussed before about going to the around the Marina Bay, Clark Quay etc. and then JPO etc. but since the drivers had no interest at all, i had to bear. in fact, i don't know...i just don't like the country, the (most of the) people etc. 

#nape eh?

but the visit to USS met my expectation. i had good time. too bad, Battlestar Galactica was still closed during our visit. i thought it had been a while...and wondering why USS did not want to expedite the maintenance etc. despite knowing that it was peak season and people came with great expectation etc.

will i go back? hmm...probably not, if not for a valid reason, or if anyone willing to sponsor me. hehe.


  1. aku pun mcm kau agip.. tak berapa gemar sgt nak jejak ke temasik tu..

    tapi memang ada plan nak kena pegi.

    paksa rela !

  2. hehe..adekah arahan hero and princess?

  3. aku suka SG sebab kebersihan dia. tapi aku tak suka SG sebab mahal,kiasu, terlalu pantas, rasa sempit.

    mcm mana lah org boleh tgl kat situ sebagai sebuah negara. aku rasa mcm terkurung walaupun 2 tahun lepas backpack ke sana 4 hari je. hehe.

  4. khai. totally agree with you. :)

  5. hoho... SG going there this feb for a weekend trip. Well i neither like or dislike em. Just going down to have some fun :) Btw, the parade and fireworks start at what time ya?

  6. sifu... hehe..taper pegi jer for fun. btw.. parade x silap ada 2 kali...pagi and petang. pagi aku x sure kul brapa..but petang if not mistaken at 5pm.

    fireworks at 8pm, but not sure the everyday or not. last time aku pegi hari sabtu.

  7. tapi bulan depan akan turun sana lagi. sebab bawak emaknya pergi USS. Dia teringin pergi Singapore ni. Hehe. So, suka atau tidak, kena pergi sana.

  8. Sekali sekala takpe la kan pegi theme park ;)


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