going Kathmandu (p26) - au revoir Nepal

fruit seller, street of kathmandu

it was 12pm already, and i went out to see whether the taxi had arrived or not. the streets of Thamel are narrow and busy most of the time, and we had to be quick, to avoid us dragging our luggage to the taxi  causing the traffic, and being honked by others. but the taxi was not there yet. i went back inside, and then saw Basu entering the lobby. 'wait sir..'

it has been a while. but no sign of the taxi yet, and we started to worry. i asked Basu to call the taxi and check the location. 'on the way sir..don't worry'.

but there was still no sign of the taxi. and i started to get grumpy. i asked Basu again, how long? because if the taxi is still far away, i'd rather take any taxis that pass our hotel. Basu called again, and from the tone of the voice i knew he was scolding the taxi driver, asking him to be fast.

we waited at the sofa. and i stood up again, and sort of yelled at Basu - better the taxi be here in time, i don't want to be late!'. Basu went out, and wandering along the street with the phone, tried to call the taxi driver again.finally, it arrived. and we quickly put our bag and left the place. i apologized to Basu before we departed.

we passed the busy streets of Thamel, and made to the airport within 20 minutes. yeap..luckily the traffic was ok.

it was still early, and the queue at the counter still short. just few people in front of us. we settled with the check-in and decided to go straight to the departure hall. the reason because, i heard the horrible stories of the long queue etc.

and it was proven! there were only 2 counters for the security screening - each for men and women..and the queue....well..you can see from the picture below. a long one!. there were a lot of locals, flying too that day. the women/lady lane seemed shorter. some times the officers allowed others to join the lane particularly those who's in hurry - flight about to depart etc. 

it took a while and finally we arrived at the screening gate. and few people in front of us were locals, and i heard the officer mumbling something in nepalese to them. i put my luggage, took out my belt and then walked towards the officer...and then suddenly the officer scolded me as he saw my watch and noticed my wallet. 

he talked fast pointing all over the place ' @##$#$%FDHGF&*%%^$^ !'.. 
i was like ' what sir?' 'djgdejgfd@#%EFDGDGghg!!!!!'...he kept yelling at me..while the person behind me...a local..was impatient to pass thru the screening gate....

and finally i shouted at him back ' excuse me sir! i don't understand! i don't speak nepalese!'. 

the officer was stunned for a while and said sorry. he then asked me in much polite manner, to put my watch and wallet on the basket and put it on the conveyor for screening. phew...that was a moment. i thought i was going to be arrested for yelling back at him.

thought the drama was over, but as i passed the body-screening gate and went to take my bag..the lady officer held my bag and asked me to open it...at the same time my eyes were all over the place, looking for my wallet and watch..as passengers after me already took their bags from conveyor etc. the lady officer kept asking me to open the bag..and i had to tell her, to wait as i was looking for my wallet and watch. luckily it was still there, and after took both my wallet and watch, i pull my bag aside and open it in front of the lady officer. she said there was something looked 'dangerous' stuff appeared on the screen. 

i had to empty the bags...and my stuff was all over the place. the lady staff face changed...and wondering what to look, she turned back and asked her colleague...there was nothing 'dangerous'...but the colleague pointed something on the screen...and then came to us. 

ah..it was the fridge magnets! i bought 10 pieces and stacked them together, hence explaining the 'dangerous' thing lookalike when passing the the screen.

we done with the security screening...and it was a relieved. we walked to the departure hall, and lay down our asses on the chair. it was still 1.5 hour to go...and the gate was not been assigned yet for the flight. i went to the only shop there, and bought coffee, and then had it with the leftover biscuits from our trekking.


boarding area

finally, it was time to board. luckily this time, the flight was not that full. almost empty i could say. the locals who went back for diwali probably was still on 'holiday'. there was no rush or jumping queue happened.the fuss was just the 'free seating' habits of the nepalese that the flight attendants had to deal with.

#rugi pulak sebab beli seat...kalau tahu camneh..hehe bole pilih2 seat after take off.

the almost empty flight...

the flight took off, leaving Kathmandu. it was a good day...a good weather..and the himalayas appeared breathtakingly clear.

we were hungry. it was passed 4pm already, and we skipped our lunch, while only had biscuits while waiting at the departure hall earlier.

finally..the flight attendant came with the trolley and served us our pre-booked meals.

#tetiba feeling happy giler makan beriani....sebab rasa cam dh lame tak makan daging etc. huhu.

it was not enough. we even ordered the korean instant noddles as below. hehehe.

well fed. and i slept while listening to my ipod, most part of the journey back. i think we just passed Myanmar/Thai's, and it was time for the sunset. the golden hour!...everybody seemed to move to the other side (right) of the flight so watch the sunset.

#tips - time pegi beli belah kanan utk tengok himalaya, time balik beli kanan gak kalau nk tengok sunset

after 4 hours ++ of flying, we finally and safely landed at LCCT. it was 1030pm, if not mistaken. the immigration and luggage claim went smoothly. 

friend waited outside the arrival hall with the luggage, as i had to take the car, which parked at the Pusrawi car park. rm16/day and for the 8 days..rm128. it was dark, and i had to bear with it, walking towards the car park with my sunglasses, paying the parking etc. it was quite creepy to arrive alone at the car park, but i just quickly did all the errants and started my car. 

that night, i drove Rouge back to KL, and friend had to watch me out along the journey back to KL. hehe.

ah..finally...we were back to reality...

tbc. - the summary


  1. 1. Memang panjang giler queue tu! I remembered my queue at the domestic depature KLIA main terminal on my wey to KK, looks exactly the same as that one. Maybe KLIA also must improve kan, nanti jadi standard mcm Nepal?

    2. kalau terlepas flight, stay la lama lagi kat sana. hahaa.

    3. he spoke in Nepalese sebab muka kita mcm Nepal kot! Hahaha

    4. First time seeing the interior of AAX. Wow! ;)

    5. Thanks for the tips and what a wonderful journey u had bro!

  2. khai..thanks for the kind comments. hehe. siap ada list lagik tu.

    will do some summary on the trip later.

    p/s: hehe..no3 - that's why i mention about the kokesyen thing.

  3. oOOOOO. Baru pahamm. Haha. Pelik kan. Kita kat sini senang je nak beza2kan tengok paras rupa: muka Myanmar, muka Nepal, muka Indonesia. Diorang kat sana, in fact kat Thailand pun, susah nak bezakan local dan foreigner. Hehehe.

    My pleasure bro. Enjoyed reading your stories :)

  4. Thanks for sharing about the trip. Well written bro, rasa boleh approach few local magazines if they are interested to pick up your stories.

    Patut masa Kathmandu punya security lu cabut je semua bro, jalan pakai boxer! haha

    Best giler flight kosong!

  5. bro. thanks for the kind comments. hehe. feel humble for that.

    pakai boxer? ahaha.. Nepal Next Top Tourist/Model la aku nanti...


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