going Kathmandu (p25) - morning in Thamel

shooting from the hip - gotcha!
hunting Sadu

Sadu, the holy-man of hindu is among the iconic photography subjects, whenever people visiting either the motherland itself or nepal. i had the opportunity once when we visited the P-temple earlier, but when Mr.G told us, those who were sitting in group there, probably the fake ones, where they'd ask money, i became less enthusiastic. and then when i saw everybody with dslr was trying to replicate the portrait, i decided to back off.

above is my closest encounter. i was shooting from the hip, and was walking on the way back from the durbar square. and in fact i was not sure whether i was capturing the right one - or he was just a man with colourful persona (fake?).

the last day in Nepal

it was our last day in Nepal. we woke up early as usual, then went out looking for breakfast. the hunger games mode was still on, as we couldn't find any eatery open as we strolled along the street nearby the hotel. we walked further, looking around while the few shops started to open, but none of them was restaurant/cafe for us to have our breakfast.

morning around Thamel

we saw few group of travellers wandering and strolling around the streets of Thamel, and we knew that they were looking for the odds too. i mean, looking the place for breakfast. we finally saw Weizen Bakery opened, and saw the breads already on shelf, and people entering the garden-cafe inside. we went in and had our breakfast there.

Weizen Bakery
bon' apetite!

breakfast was good. i even bought extra bread from the bakery shelf. thought of filling up our stomach well, as we may skip the lunch.

we walked back to the hotel, and saw Basu, who was delighted and relieved to see us. he told us that he had been looking for us since yesterday - to take us out for the farewell dinner and also to confirm with us on today's schedule to the airport. too bad, we missed a 'good' farewell dinner, else we didn't have to be in the hunger games last night.but then, i was wondering why it was so hard for him to leave the message to the hotel? he said came few times and kept looking us in our room etc. when we were out. if only he told the hotel staff, or leave note etc.

we confirmed the time for the taxi to come and pick us up to the airport i.e. 1200pm. 3 1/2 hours before our departure time, probably more than sufficient - considering other potential set back like traffic, queue etc. Basu went back to his office after that.

we went out again, to do some last minute shopping. the shop that we went last night, was opened already, and we were greeted by the same guy that we dealt with yesterday. i bought embroided leather tote bag for my mum, and plus few sling bags for siblings. then i saw the selection of pashmina they were selling, were gorgeous and thought of adding more into my collection. mind you, i was wearing my sunglasses while choosing the bags and pashminas. hehehe. i texted my mum, hoping that she likes the colour that i had chosen. the price at the shop seemed a bit on high side, specifically the pashminas. but as i checked again, the quality was different compared to ones we bought at the shop in Pokhara. or probably we were not that good at haggling. hehe.

shopping at Asian Emporium, Thamel

while spending almost an hour at the shop, i had conversation with the staff there, and they told us that they come from Kashmir, India and the shop is a family business. i think they mentioned, three of them who are taking care the shop are cousins.

anyway, because of my more than usual to-buy list of the day, i decided to pay part of the total amount with credit card. an incident happened, and luckily i noticed. the guy accidentally entered the credit card amount of 48000 rupee, instead of 4800 rupee. phew.....anyway..instead of cancelling the transaction, they decided to return the balance to me using cash. since i was not in the mood to argue, i just accepted the offer...and i think it was a mistake.

first, 44000 rupee - in cash...is a LOT to hold. second, when i checked my credit card transaction when i was back in Malaysia, the exchange rate was low.

anyway, they kept apologizing to me, as they felt really bad about the incident. i just plainly smile, as i just didn't want to drag my diva-persona. hehehe.. cukup cukuplah nak marah.

knowing that i won't be able to change the rupees to ringgit in Malaysia, we decided to go straight to the money changer and change the money to USD. we went to few shops, so that it didn't look that obvious we were holding too much notes.

once, we settled with the shopping, the money exchange etc. , we went back to the hotel. did last minute packing...and then had our jama' pray first before checked out.

it was 12pm already and we went down and waited for the taxi.



  1. Uish, jauh beza 4800 dengan 48000 tu! Nasib baik perasan, kalau tak *pengsan*

  2. yes khai..nasib baek aku even tgh pakai spek itam perasan on the amount.

    aku bajet dia quote '48' kat member dia..hence he was entering 48000, instead of 48 hundreds..hehe


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