going Kathmandu (p23) - the two temples

we were back to the city! Kathmandu. fun fact about the city from wikipedia :

our complimentary half-day kathmandu city tour plan for the day was to visit two unesco sites i.e. Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa.

our guide this time (forgot his name) was too kind, friendly and TALKATIVE. gosh..we had to bear with him explaining every single thing about the place, the story of everything etc. well..he was actually did a GREAT job as a tour guide, but for us...he talked too much. the trick question is ' do you want me to tell you the story?', for every thing...at first it was fun..but when you got stuck at the same place for a while, and listening to every single thing about the place...i got dizzy. (drama queen)...haha.

anyway.. the P-temple, was located just next to the airport..and it was our first stopover, after the airport pick-up. the road seemed less busy compared days before, probably, it was the last day of Diwali...and our guide ; let us call him Mr. G, told us that everybody got to go for the 'Bhai Tika'. the shops were closing early and i'd not have the chance to make new glasses (as i asked him about it).

Mr.G asked whether the sivaji told us about the entrance fee to the temple. i gawed for a while, because it cost us 1000 rupee per person, and luckily we still got some rupee with us. and Mr.G starting to tell us the story about the temple. well..we spent almost 1 hr at the place...listening to his explanation on every single thing about the temple, and even witness the cremation ceremony there. 

#sangat meremang tengok...tak taula kot tempat neh banyak entiti kot. 

bagmati river that flows to ganges in india - dead bodies was lay down on the woods -
one is burning (right most)
the main temple - but only can be entered by hindus
the man doing ceremony
small temples of shiva lingam
view from the top
the cremation ceremony
parvati temple

i don't like to be long at the place. no offense...but it was smelly. and all stories that Mr G told us about the place, particularly shiva and parvati, made me feel dizzy. and then seeing Shadus - holy man lingering around etc. where some were fake (Mr.G told us), added the motivation to leave the place as soon as possible. honestly, the only thing i could take from Mr.G stories about the place is about the 'healthy-life' shiva, which then turned to 108 animals (?), mating and then back to parvati, and then chopped the head of his son, which then led to the beginning of ganesha. you can google more about it.

and then Mr.G showed us the replica of shiva-lingam, that built outside the main temple...he said the intention was so others who couldn't go in can see it and get a blessing from it. he said if you kiss the thing, it'd help to boost your libido.

#too much input. pengsan aku...

the epic moment was when mr G quoted - we drink the cow's urine..you want to?, and friend bursted in to denial with a big 'NO!'. LOL....

my verdict about the place - not my kind of place to visit. probably if we go by ourselves, i'd be better. take pictures...yada yada and leave...but then it is expensive..so you decide whether a short visit worth or not.

we left the place, and went to our next stopover..the Boudhanath Temple. the entrance fee was 150 rupee, and i felt much more at ease, at this place. it felt clean, and not smelly. we just let Mr.G to continue explaining to us about the place, and where at one point he made us confuse when surfacing the relationship between buddha and hinduism etc. , and we got confused seeing people, which i believed hindus...went around the praying wheels and push it etc.

#smiled as always...and let the man talked

Boudhanath Stupa

the giant wheel
mr G said the smoke is good for health

jingling the praying bells
the monk who fed the pigeons

ah..the tour finally over. and Mr G dropped us back to our hotel before. the shree tibet family hotel.



  1. Next time kalau ada pak guard Nepal nak balik kampung, nak ikut diorang la. Haha.

    Tapi, bau bakar mayat, ada macam kambing golek tak? Hehe. Adoi, I couldn't imagine the smell must be awful.

    But great experience for you. Just that I think 1000 rupee is expensive.

    Oh, panggil Khai je bro. Dah lama org tak panggil Izwan. Haha.

  2. hehe. ok bro. will address you as Khai.

    btw. rule no.1 kalau nk pegi nepal neh..kena elevate your status as tourist/foreigner..nanti kang siap buat2 kawan dgn local etc. memang abes dia bantai borak bahse nepal, treat you as local etc. sbb features org kita (assuming ko bukan kokosyen..LOL), sama cam diaorg neh. haha. nanti aa aku buat summary the do's and don't.

    and time bakar mayat tu..well the xde la terbau bakar ape sgt..sbb bau setanggi/dupa + bau lembu..kuat gile kat area tu. aku lari jejauh nak level paling tinggi sbb rasa cam seram jer nengok upacara bakar mayat tu. huhu..gambar2 yg aku zoom semua aku delete..amik yg wide angle jer.

  3. haha. oh aku jawayu. takde darah kokosyen di situ. kulit pun sawo matang nak kokosyen mcm mananya. ahahaha.

    kalau aku jadi kau, seram jugaklah sebab mayat dibakar kan. ish..


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