going Kathmandu (p22) - leaving Pokhara ...


i know. i love doing interlude. but i'm doing it short this time, as i'm keeping it for a later2 post.

Farewell to 2013. it has been a great year. 
a year to remember.

Happy New Year. 2014. 
may it be a better year.

leaving Pokhara

it was 7am. the taxi already waited us at the entrance of the hotel. the place was still quiet, i only heard the lady staff sweeping the floor. we dragged our backpack and then left the key with her. 

no breakfast today. we had to skip.

it was a gloomy day in Pokhara. not the it'd-be-raining kind of gloomy. probably the haze? they said on a good day, you could see the annapurna range and peaks from the city itself. 

we arrived early at the airport. went straight to the counter to check-in our backpack. the guy at the counter told us that we need to pay the airport tax first. okeh..that was not informed to us, in fact we didn't have to pay back when we were at kathmandu airport before. he told us to go to the Nabil bank counter. i chuckled.

#Nabil bank? kayo ko eh?

we paid 200 rupee per person for the airport tax, at Nabil bank counter inside the hall and went back to check-in our backpack. the guy saw my tripod on my camera backpack, and told me that i had to check it in too. suprised. i didn't have to do that on the earlier flight.

so we done with the check-in, and still have about an-hour to go. we decided to wait inside the departure hall. we just wanted to pass the screening etc. as we had enough dealing with the long queue with the locals before. it went ok, but then as the officer about to stamp boarding pass, he told me another surprise, our flight were delayed, until further notice. 

we decided to just wait inside, instead of was given option by the officer to turn back and wait outside. as mentioned, we just wanted to pass through the screening gate. if later, with more flights to fly etc. , we would be dealing with long queue etc. 

and the whole time, i was with my gaga sunglasses...except during the screening and passport check.  

it couldn't be that long, we thought, based on our experience before. the worst probably one-hour, as the 'bad weather' was referring to the cloudy morning etc., i assumed. we found our spot and lay down to rest. bam...the power-cut happened few times, and people i guess looked me as a weirdo, wearing sunglasses in the dark-hall like that. hehe.

the only shop inside the departure hall finally opened, and it was good it sold hot drinks too. we get ourselves coffee and tea, and then had our very light breakfast - eating the biscuits, leftover from our trekking. 

the power was back, and from outside, i could see there was a plane landing. 915am. and it was Yeti-Air plane. we quickly moved closer to the gate, as i expected we should be readied to board anytime soon. 

yeap. it was our plane. and we queued and then walked fast to the plane, as we wanted to get the left-row seat this time. all because of the mountains' view. and we were not alone, there was a group of westerners too, aiming the same spot, hence explained, their tactics to jumped the queue etc. too bad, i was more dominant. i mean didn't give them a chance. haha.

as before, the flight back to kathmandu was smooth, no bumpy ride etc. and the weather was much better than before, as the whole range of mountains could be seen. too bad, the white balance on my nex 7 was fooled by the tinted window, and perhaps my sunglasses too. the pictures were not that good.

we arrived Kathmandu within 30 minutes, and deported by the bus to the terminal. ah..same like Pokhara, there was no proper arrival hall for local flights, it was just a baggage claim area as below.

no proper system here. so you just have to always keep your eye on the cart that coming. people don't queue etc.

we grabbed our backpacks, and then friend saw our guide already waited just outside the baggage claim area, holding my piece of paper with my name (i didn't see it, i forgot, but friend did).

so..we going for the 'complimentary' half-day kathmandu tour straight away...



  1. agip. aku nak itinerary..

    berapa hari kat kathmandu, brp hari di pokhara ni?

  2. Agip, all of your entries made me almost buying a return ticket to Nepal. Tapi kena tahan diri since we have other plan. Probably, after that ke.

    I've read the same entry of the bus ride in Nepal kat UdeyIsmail travelogue. Dia cakap, it was the worst bus ride ever sbb perjalanan dia ,lagi lama. Segala jenis bau ada dia cakap. Tp, at least, you guys had experienced those kan!

  3. meng - hehe..bertabahlah...sket jer lagi nak abes. i'll make a conclusion and let u know masa entry tu.

    zaraab - glad my poison works. haha. the bus entry..well it was epic..and luckily for me, i had to bear it for 2 hours.

  4. what a humble airport. well, too humble i supposed. hehe. reading your entries always trigger me. not only u poisoned zara, u poisoned me too bro! hahaha.

    I will make sure I reach there one day. Happy new year! :)

  5. izwan - happy new year too. well..the airport...kind of. hehe.

    oh..the poison works too on you. hehe. selamat mencari penawar :)


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