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ah. the spider web is all over the house!
#over and drama queen. tade org prasan pun...

anyway, it has been a busy month for me, juggling between the work needs and the travel needs. 

since the week of christmas mirekel, it was like every week we were blessed with the public holidays.i guess it was impacting my clock very much, particularly when it comes to the middle of the week. it  was good to have a break in the middle of the week, ain't?

while the motivation on work is still hibernating, the world around me revolves faster than i thought. the emails keep coming in my mailbox, the meeting requests, yada yada yada..

i had to juggle more this time since i've been upgraded, and as what uncle ben said - great power, comes with great responsibility. the boss is expecting more and (hopefully not) miracle this time from me, as they saw i managed to push the envelope last year.

and the effect of work life, rippled on my travel plan etc. but again,i tried hard to put things into perspective.

i was on a jet-setter mode since 12 Jan. flying to my hometown for the long weekend, before came back and then flew to chiang mai for a family trip, and then back to malaysia, before flying to qatar for work, on the same day. KUL-TGG-KUL-CNX-KUL-DOH-KUL... seeing the tags on my luggage and it feels like reading an encrypted code made for the CIA's nerds.

and here i am today. with house on mess due to the unpacking business, and then the jet-lag (seriously?) etc.

and it was a big mistake to open the office email, just to know a long list of to-do, to be done by next week. and next week we only have 3 working days, before leaving for another long weekend for CNY and federal day.

breath. agip. breath.


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