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flying premium with Qatar Airways

among the reasons i did not turn down the boss offer (or order) to attend and present the paper at the conference, because i don't normally have a luck like others who seemed to have the frequent opportunity to travel on company/biz trip. my last overseas biz trip, was back in 2009-2010, and those trips, i had to work hard to earn it. i mean i wrote technical paper etc. and presenting something etc.

biz trip...for me is quite a heaven, and particularly when flying to the ME. we are entitled to fly premium, and enjoying the privilege of staying at the hotels in ME, which most of the time, is not short from premium standard - i mean both price, service etc.

so when boss asked me to fly and do things on behalf, despite my tight travelling schedule, i just said yes. and i'd been to Doha before for same kind of biz trip, but last time i did not manage to mix the biz trip with 'leisure'. so this time, despite the short window of planning, i decided to squeeze in something to do in between. of course, the extension is done using my own pocket.

#ethics okeh. hehe..nanti boss x approve claim and kena soal siasat dgn HR.

KLIA Satellite Terminal

the flight from CNX arrived at LCCT as per timing in the afternoon, Alhamdulillah. and after grabbed our luggage etc. , me and siblings went straight to the carpark and then drove Rouge back to KL. we did not make any stop, except for a KFC drive through to buy our lunch.

as arrived, after freshen up myself and had the late lunch with them, i started to pack my luggage for the Doha trip, and then unpacking my CNX trip luggage for laundry etc. at 4pm, i left my house and siblings, and walking towards the road, waiting for the taxi. luckily, it was not long as the taxi arrived after few minutes of waiting.

i took LRT to KL Sentral, and then ERL to KLIA. it was still early when i arrived KLIA. i mean at 530pm, while my flight is scheduled at 910pm. even the check-in counter was yet to open. i went to MAS counter (the premium ones), asking whether i can check-in there since Qatar Airways is under the same OneWorld Alliance etc. , but the lady just told me to go at row K.

#ceh. x premium betul servis.

i waited for a while, and finally saw the premium-counter is opened for check in. everything went smooth, and i went straight to the departure hall. hehe. it was still early, but i just want to spend time at the the premium lounge. huhuhu.

#nak merasa jadik org kaye jap.

anyway, the lounge seemed busier than i had experience before (like 2 years back), probably because more flights were departing before mid night. the premium class travelers wandering for the buffet etc., and they were all sort of kind and style.

probably i was travelling alone, and didn't have company to talk and ramble, hence explained the weird feeling lingering around the people.. i mean, i was not stylo enough to blend in...i don't have fancy gadget to play around etc. and even felt a bit embarrassed to take out the camera and snapping around. hehehe. i just felt that my mind was in my 'backpacking' or the LCCT mode.

#seriously. terasa sangat marhain...amik gambar pakai phone jer..tu pun nyorok2...sbb tanak nampak jakun. haha.

i didn't have that much appetite to enjoy the buffet. i only savored the light snacks and ice cream that the lounge offer. while waiting, i decided read the paper that i was going to present on the later day. 

#cuak gak..because didn't have much time to study the paper.

it was no fun, probably because the after 5pm mode bit me. the latte seemed not working. i decided to slouch myself on the sofa and enjoying the lights of the lounge and observing the premium travelers wandering around.

it was already 8pm and i decided to go out and lingering around the satellite terminal while waiting for the boarding.

the place seemed busy as there were lot of flights just arriving and about to depart. i think now it is time for people starting to go for umrah, as i saw few groups, even from Indonesia (transit), around, waiting for the flight etc. with their same label-group bags etc.

the waiting area at the boarding gate already opened. i decided to wait inside as i just wanted to settle the security screening before everybody arrived for departure.

apparently, the B777 flight was a transit flight for people who flew from Phuket, hence explained the full-house flight that night, even for the premium section. i was seating next to a (hot) french lady. i greeted her as settled all my errant and lay down myself on the comfy seat. 

we had a chat for a while and i decided to let her enjoying the in-flight entertainment later, as i pity her struggling to carry on the conversation with me in English, despite her friendliness. seriously. hehe.

she showed me her swollen legs, and told me that she had an accident while holidaying in Phuket and spent few days at the hospital there, before on the the flight. she was on her way back to her hometown near Marseille, France, and would be taking another connecting flight when arriving in Doha later.

she told me that she is a beautician and working in Hong Kong at the moment. anyway, i felt like in a 'Beauty and the Geek' series when i explained her i am an engineer, working in O&G etc. and she gave a plain smile as saw me holding the print out of my paper etc.

#hehe..ah..like leonard meeting penny. drool...
#probably dia takleh digest aku cerita aku keje apa and kena pegi conference present paper etc. hehe.

anyway, the service of the QA FA was good enough for me, probably because i was flying premium. but i guess nothing can beat the hospitality of MAS flight. when i was flying premium with them, each of them addressing me with my name etc. 

#encik agip nak tambah lagi satay. encik agip ok? hehehe.

the food served was ok. probably the taste was not that up to the standard of my malaysian's taste bud. back in 2009, i was flying with Qatar Airways too, and i tried their Nasi Lemak. hehe...despite it was part of the premium, the taste was no better than mine, who seldom cook.

the breads
the appetizer - smoked salmon and tuna - nice!
the main - chicken with herbs and rice
the yummeh ice cream

#amik gambar guna phone sambil cover2 sbb maluuu...haha..org kiri kanan tgk kang kate jakun bdak neh.

anyway, the flight took about 7hrs++ and i was scheduled to arrive Doha at 1210am, local time. i decided to stay awake and sleep when i arrived Doha later. just trying to beat the possible jetlag, and also i gotta spend time to study the paper etc. but it was not easy, despite the free flow of latte served by the FA, i finally decided to keep the print out, pull the blanket and press the chair to the sleeping position and enjoying the inflight entertainment while entering the rem.

i slept for a while before decided to wake up and went to the toilet. the FA came and asked me whether i wanted to eat something as they were serving at the moment. and of course...i was maximising my premium experience, and i had the rice noodle below for supper.

30 minutes after my supper, the crew announced on our arrival and everybody woke up and freshen up for the arrival. and we finally arrived Doha as per plan.

#QA Salvatore Ferragamo Attimo travelling set - lip balm, hand lotion and miniature EDT
#QA pyjama - yeay..they had my size this time. last time they gave me XXL. kejam betul



  1. such a great experience to travel in premium flight kan. hehe! btw, jemput lah singgah blog ye. kot2 boleh jadi penulis jemputan ke. :)


  2. kaio. hehe.it was great experience. maklumla kan..nk pegi sendiri x mampu.
    anyway.. thanks for stopping by. sure..akan bookmark and visit the blog. :)

  3. wow. selvatore ferragamo tuhh. hehe....

    kalau aku lah, mungkin sama kott. amek gmba sorok2. hahaha

  4. haha. khai. kaaan? aku lagila cover line sbb awek french duk sebelah. haha.

  5. hahaha. haruslah kan nak cover kemachoan! ;D

  6. Kecer la Agip takde gambar awek Perancis
    -Minda Eksekutif Muda Bercelaru-

    1. hehe. hannan. tade rejeki la bro.


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