a delegate abroad (p1) - Doha

night at the corniche, doha


it was in the middle of the 2nd week of january. i was browsing internet at my workstation, alternating it with replying work's emails and completing the powerpoint presentation etc. my boss was passing by my workstation, and made a peek at one of our TPs workstation behind me and talked about something. and i heard my name popped up from their conversation and my boss turned back to me and spoke.

boss : ' eh. you just get ready as you might be travelling to Doha for the conf.'
me : 'when is it?'

and i started to get worry, as it might coincide with my trip with my siblings to CNX, which has been re-scheduled earlier due to situation in Thailand at the moment. (entry on CNX will be coming soon).

boss : ' week of 19-22nd Jan. you don't have any plan right? or cuti kahwin ke apa?'
me : ' oh...tade apa2 boss. boleh kot'

a bit relieved as it won't clashed with my CNX trip. but i forgot to ask further, as he just left for another meeting, after spoken to me.

i was wondering - going as a delegate only? or presenter?.

i looked back at my schedule, and my CNX trip was rescheduled from the CNY weekend to 17-20 Jan, and while the event in Doha fall on 19-22 Jan.

#aish...pening kejap.

the reason was, i already spent rm600 to change CNX flight to earlier date, hence, changing or even cancelling the trip wouldn't be a wise option. i already spent a lot for the trip - yeap...my treat to the siblings. 

i checked the conference schedule and asked my TP on the paper (i have to present it on behalf of him), and finally came to a decision.
  • flying to Doha, on 20th Jan night, as my session would be on 21st Jan afternoon (2 days after the officiation)
  • change the return flight KL from CNX to earlier flight i.e. 9am, instead of afternoon flight. i'd be arriving KUL in the afternoon, and enough time to do last minute packing, before heading to the KLIA for the 910pm flight.

but i was still waiting for the confirmation from the big boss - VP etc. , and only made the change on no. 2. another rm300 paid for the flight change. phew...

and i had to juggle a lot within 3 working days.
  • the registration only done when i was back from my hometown for the long maulidur rasul weekend. 
  • the flight tickets were confirmed only on the day before the thaipusam holiday
  • the presentation pack - submitted on the deadline (i was told by the TP at 4pm of the day that i needed to prepare the presentation pack).
  • the hotel booking had to be done by myself and only completed on the night before we flew to CNX.
ergh. i was totally restless. i was worried i'd be eaten up with the fatigueness and spoiled my 'paid' trip to Doha later...

note : CNX entry will come as the memory cards of the pictures are with my siblings at the hometown.


  1. wow. back to back, penat tu bro. and anyway aku perasan dah berspider web semua tu. selalu kot aku check buang spider web tu. hehe.


  2. hehe. khai. thanks. u r kind. bz x smpt nk menaip cerita2


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