friend told me i am a silent 'player'.
i could break women hearts without even doing it. well..literally, by ignoring them.

#not even a one night stand yet. period.

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somehow, now i realize that i've been the subjects of discussion of many of them that i know and i don't even know. i just don't get it.
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#paris hilton kah aku?

i never thinking out loud randomly to everyone, when i have an opinion about them. because that is not who i am.

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but to know such, was such a disappointment, how bad my 'reputation' has been, for something that i literally didn't do a.k.a. - layan balik.

i was labelled with names, even by those who didn't know or even met me.

people are weird and selfish.
since when, closing a facebook account is all about 'breaking up with you?'
since when, changing the blog address is all about 'breaking up with you?'

yet. we never declared anything eh?

people just need to move on from playing the victim cards. or else. anything happened in the world will be all about you.


i can be blunt. don't play with the fire. please respect yourself, for sake of being a woman.


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