sing along

pardon.bitten by the holiday mood, eventhough tade kaitan pun nak sambut krismas mirekel or whatsoever.

i am a bit clueless to continue the story on the annapurna trail, but will get back to it soon.

while the office seemed empty, and less busy at this time, i still have deadlines to chase. and working when most of your resources are on leave, is hard.

it is my kind of monday night, after done with the 711, i will tune to my mediabox.
this is the series that i am following at the moment. started to know and watch it religiously, once a good friend introduced it to me.

it is a story of Todd, an american who's been assigned to lead the outsourced call centre in India.
gosh..there's so much fun watching the series. i know for some part, it seems like it 'mocking' the culture there, but seeing from another can tell an endless tales and lessons.

this episode caught my attention that much, because i laughed so hard..and enjoying it very much...not just due to Gupta's crazy acts...but to listen the classic by Madhuri.



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