going Kathmandu (p21) - losing sight ...

it was just a short hike/trek, plus a 2-hours of memorable ride down to Nayapul, but we were totally in our rem cycle throughout the journey back to Pokhara. kinda obvious, our energy (me and friend) was totally drained, after 3+ days trekking and hiking for almost 40km etc.

i woke up as we arrived at the Yeti Hotel, the same hotel that we stayed before. while waiting to check-in to our room at the reception, i just realized that i dropped my glass somewhere. i was wearing my sunglasses throughout the journey (including during bus ride), and put my normal glass in my pocket. i was panic, hence searching the glass all over the place, even went back to the midget taxi that was luckily still waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

Durga and Sunil, couldn't care less as both was more concerned about leaving the place. Oh yes..they were actually chasing for the earliest bus to go back to Kathmandu. and that stunned me that was already messed up, losing sight, as i thought Durga told us 'we gotta back early so that we won't miss the festival' ...and he was actually referring to himself. he gotta back earlier so that he could celebrate it. darn.

i was a bit pissed off, but just told them it was ok and i could handle my losing sight issue by myself. i let them leave after paying the tips (yes..we paid them tips...all three of them - Durga, Sunil and the taxi driver). i know it was actually more about courtesy, but it seemed mandatory here as i was reminded by the sivaji of AboveHimalaya about that, and even Durga was also hinted me to give tips to the taxi driver when were on the road trekking last few days before.

i was left, losing sight with only my prescription sunglasses to rely on for the next 3 days.

the owner of the hotel was not around, probably on leave for something, hence our check-in was managed by the hotel's worker, or to be specific the house-keeping staff. knowing that i might not be able to happily survive for next few days with only the sunglasses, i started to google the options. probably, i could make a cheap spare glasses in pokhara.

i asked the lady-worker, and despite she barely speaks english, she was really nice, trying to assist me as much as she could.

lady : 'sir, you take bus to Mahendra Pool'
me : 'ok. how much to pay you think?'
lady : ' hmm..200 rupee...for you may be 400 rupee'

she just smiled. and i was surprised to know there was different price for tourist vs. locals for local bus? but then she added more

lady : ' shop may be closed early. people celebrating diwali'

i looked at my watch, and it was noon. i decided to try my luck. i told friend if we could have lunch straight away, and tried our luck first at the lake-city, then decide whether to proceed with going to Mahendra Pool or not. so we walked from the hotel to the lake-city. but,we had no luck as we couldn't find any optometrist in the lake-city. 

ah. we had not had our lunch, and we were famished, hence decided to stop at Pokhara Halal Food Land. i ordered the mutton briyani this time, while friend decided to try the grill fish set. weird eh? we also opted to try momo this time. well..the food was good, but since we were full with the briyani and the grill fish, the momo seemed to be less interesting. anyway, we thought, it was just a small portion, but it happened that, a plate of chicken momo consists of 10 pieces of momo. it was too much for us. 

mutton briyani
grill fish set
chicken momo

most the shops around the lake-city were closing early, and as i asked the restaurant owner, he said it was because the diwali celebration. i guess, nothing much could be done if i were to go to Mahendra Pool. the journey may take a while, and by the time i arrived, even though i might still be able to do the transaction, there'd be no way the glasses be readied before the shop closed. hence,we decided to walk back to the hotel.

on the way back, we stopped at few shops that were still opened, looking out for the souvenirs. we bought fridge magnets at one of these book-store alike, 50 rupee per pieces. yeap..we opted for the cheapest available there, and in fact, there was not much interesting options there.

we stopped at another shop, selling pashmina. we were not that good at bargaining (yeap..typical men), hence the manage to push the price down to 700 rupee per piece only. ' it's a special diwali price for you both', said the owner. 

we were fine with the price, hence bought few pieces. but it was hard for me to choose the right ones. other than the fact that i am colour blind, not so good with fashion and colours...i was choosing the pashmina while wearing the sunglasses. diva eh? but friend was there to agree (yeap..to agree only), on my choices. hehe.

we went back to the hotel, and then spent the rest of our afternoon, resting ourselves in our rem.

we woke up when it was getting dark. and we started to hear the loud music. people of Pokara, were celebrating. we went out, and i was like a blind people without any visual aid this time. i brought my sunglasses just in case i need it. but most of the time, i gotta stay close to friend.

we went back to the same pashmina shop, to buy few more. and this time, the guy that we dealt with earlier was not around. it was the mother this time. and she had to give the same 'good' price that we had in the earlier afternoon, despite her initial price offered. 

the night in lake-city was busy with street performance. but not all interesting to me, probably because of my sight. the teenagers were dancing in loud music, while being watched by the crowd. at some of the spots, little kids dancing. and as usual, we had to be courteous by throwing some money into the basket.

we had our last meal in Pokhara at Bella restaurant again. and this time we had seafood pizza, instead of local food. it was good, the pizza.

we left the busy night of the lake-city and bid farewell to the night early. yeap..we were still tired. and we gotta catch early taxi to the airport tomorrow.



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