going Kathmandu (p20) - a ride to remember...

a ride to remember

exactly. this is among those rides to remember.

we decided to take the bus instead of the 4WDs. Durga said we had to pay 400 rupee, in total for the ride, and it was cheap, compared to riding on the 4WDs where the sivaji told us would cost around usd15 per person. it was an old bus, no less better than 'bus SIHAT' that i used to ride on back then in my hometown to Kuantan.

in fact, i was sort of eager to experience, riding on the local bus and with the locals too. too excited, even i thought of, to seat on the roof. LOL. better view eh? but i was glad. i didn't think out loud and do it, or else, it'd be doomed. i forgot few other variables in the equation

local bus + local people + narrow bumpy road + descending the hill + etc. etc. etc...phew. 

the two hours ride, down to Nayapul, where we started to trek, was hilarious. i never thought that i'd experience riding with locals on a local bus like this, on a narrow road, descending the hills. see the videos at the end, okay!

for a start, the obvious one - the bumpy narrow road. luckily i was seating next to the aisle instead of the window so that i didn't have to witness the deadly breathtaking view of the cliff of the road. and the journey was not all smooth, as we had to face also the rides that came from the opposite direction, and the drivers had to maneuver the bus in such tight and narrow space. phew. and the bumpy part..well...it felt that, if i was carrying a triplet in my womb (as if i have?), all safely delivered. 

the door keeper

the bus seemed to be the only bus and public transportation that left Ghandruk to Pokhara (perhaps), hence explained why it stopped almost every place to take passengers. the continuous honking by the driver, which complementing the loud music that he was also played on the player, was actually meant to tell the locals the presence, so everybody who needs came a.s.a.p , on top of as a warning sound at the sharp curve of the road.

and all sort of people happened to come on-board. some with their luggage extravaganza - a rucksack of rice, veggies..and i think i spotted one of the boxes brought into the cabin, had something moving in it - chicken perhaps?. 

some came well dressed with family, perhaps going to spend time for a day out in Pokhara, and more and more came, until the bus was packed like you can see in the picture below. i was getting claustrophobic, as the person who seated in front of me seemed to push back his chair, and me with my camera back around...aduh..

but on top of all, there was an old lady, who came on board, after 30 minutes of the ride, and she came with few ruck sacks, and talking loud in Nepalese to the driver. and the whining didn't stop as she rest her butt on the seat, but along the way...until at one point suddenly the driver stopped the bus, and the lady suddenly took all her belongings and left the bus. well..for both of us who didn't understand what had been talking along the way, we were clueless and made our own assumptions and stories, but probably the classic one that came into our mind was - 

#makcik neh kena tinggal laki kot...pastu salah naek bas hahaha. 

well..you can catch her whining during the first few seconds of the video below. anyway, after she left, i could see Durga and Sunil faces sort of relieved. hehe..i bet everybody in the bus felt the same.

oh...and another memorable moment was, the bus was actually crossing part of the river that we saw when we were passing the Modi Khola bridge during our 1st day of trekking.

#macam naek ride kat USS, nasib baek tade basah2.

and when we arrived the Birethanti, the bus stucked for a while on due to the situation below. it was a narrow road, for too many vehicles been there at one time.

it wasn't long before we finally arrived the check point where we started the trekking. and luckily, we didn't have to stay on the bus to go to Pokhara. yes you are reading it right!..the bus continued its journey to the town, perhaps Pokhara, or Nayapul itself.

ok. time to check out the video. mind you..it was a bumpy2 ride..even my OSS on my zeiss unable to compensate.

our midget taxi, was waiting already. we put our luggage in the car, and then left Nayapul.

leaving Nayapul


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