going Kathmandu (p19) - adieu Ghandruk!

the breathtaking fish-tail - machapuchare

buongiorno Ghandruk! ahakss..feeling italian.

it was a really2 good sleep. quite a justice to us, after a very long and tiring day yesterday. both of my legs felt better and i could walk normally, compared last night where the pain felt like biting the nerves each time i stepped my foot. i opened the window, and saw the breathtaking view of machapuchare.

#subuh terlajak la pulak. hehe.

oh. another rambling about Durga. he told us to have early breakfast as we were going to trek early, and trying to reach Pokhara by noon, so that we won't miss to see the 'diwali celebration'.so we did. i mean, we went for early breakfast. another typical menu - toasts, eggs and potatoes. and i was addicted to the hot black tea now. 

#teh o jer pun. haha.

after breakfast, we went out and wandered around, enjoying the morning view of Ghandruk, before Durga called us. it was time to get going. we went back to our room, packed our stuff and then Sunil came to pick them up.


the range of annapurna

i couldn't believe that was our last day of trekking. and we leaving the trail of annapurna. we didn't have much time to wander around Ghandruk. i know the place offered more to see, other than just the view. probably, i should have considered doing the 5 days trekking so that i could do justice to each stopover along the trail - same like i had for Tikhedhunga and Ghorepani.

anyway. just a short review about the guest house in Ghandruk. we stayed at Breeze Guest House & Restaurant. the smallest that we had stayed so far compared to Chandra or Sonny Hotel, but it was nice. it felt homey with not so many people, and a very welcoming family who owned the guest house. the restaurant was a bit small, but it was fine for me. and we had our room with bathroom attached. yeap..hot water was available. nice feat.  

more about the guest house here:  Breeze Guest House.

we bid farewell to Ghandruk. Durga told us it won't be long, as we were going to take the transport later. yeap..that was the plan. we met group of kids again, singing and offering the tray for us to donate. they were nice.

lovely kids of Ghandruk

the mules

bye bye ...Ghandruk

way to Landruk

ah. we encountered our usual suspects again, few times..as we descending, leaving Ghandruk. the trail was friendlier than yesterday. it was not that steep, and Durga's pace now seemed acceptable. yeap..probably it won't be far before we arrived the station. so there was no rush.

finally. after almost one hour of trekking, we arrived at our destination. i don't recall the exact name of the place, but it is still part of Ghandruk. we were going to take the transport to Nayapul, despite trekking down the trail. 

'Congratulations!' Durga said to us while pointing the peak behind us. we (almost) completed the journey.

ah...fish-tail peak

Durga came to us and told us that we going to take the bus! and we had to pay 400 rupee ( 100 rupee each). well..that was cheap compared to what quoted by sivaji if we were to take the jeep/4WD which would cost at usd15 per-person.

so? how was the ride?pergh...it was a ride to remember.

till then.


  1. Drama sangat Durga neh. Semput membaca. Sakit hati pun ye.
    kitorang ketagih lemon tea. Black tea sedap eh. x cuba pulak


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