going Kathmandu (p18) - chasing Ghandruk ... cont.

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it is already the final week of the year. i feel like running out of time. gotta to conclude the story about this trip before i make the decision about going on or not.


i didn't eat much for lunch, when we were at Tadapani

i was too tired and lost my appetite already. the pasta was good, but my stomach couldn't take that much food. i felt a bit dizzy. the hot black-tea seemed the best solution. it eased my nausea in a way, on top of heat me up from the freezing Tadapani. it was quite a long lunch-break, long enough to let me regain my stamina and motivation.

we left Tadapani, descending the stairs at the end of the village, and made our way to the forest. the trail now seemed friendlier compared to previous. more flat-land, crossing the beautiful forest, with steep stairs, occasionally. i managed to walk faster this time, probably the energy from the hot black tea and lunch, burning now. and obviously Durga seemed happy with my pace. he walked with me, while Sunil a bit further in front with friend. i was on a good mood, and broke the silent with conversation. i told Durga about my vertigo problem that led me being too cautious when descending the steep trail and stairs. he just nodded and implied it is a common thing.

the trail led us to another village, but pardon me as i don't recall the name. it was too early to have another break, hence we didn't make any de-tour here. the place seemed empty, probably it was passing lunch time already, and most trekkers were on road back, heading to the next stop etc.

same like before, the trail that we walked on, was next to the bank, and we passed few beautiful streams/waterfalls along the way. i didn't make any stop this time, as knowing that we were rushing to arrive Ghandruk in day light.

the camp site along the trail

we met a local/indian family walking the trail in opposite direction. the parents and 10 years old boy, without any guide or porter, with small backpack etc. i was surprise...the mother was slowly ascending the trail (we were descending), and was left by a distance by the father and child. and she was wearing her 'salwar kameez' dress, instead of on trekking/hiking outfit like us.

#macam nak pegi kenduri org kawen pulak dia...

we arrived at Sitkyu, which marked half of the distance between Tadapani and Ghandruk, more or less. we made a quick stop there. the place also seemed empty, probably it was not among the major stopover along the trail. but it got all the facilities, in case the wanderer arriving late or decide to stay.we weren't that lucky, as it was after the mid-day already. the breathtaking view of the place could offer (as the signboard said), was eclipsed by the thick mist/cloud.

we were on the 3rd day of 5-days diwali celebration in nepal, or what the call it here as Tihar celebration. the owner of the guest house was preparing the garland with her daughter. we didn't stay long to see what's next. we left Sitkyu, and continued our journey...chasing Ghandruk

it wasn't that long until we reached Ghandruk, or perhaps we moved fast. well..i decided to follow the pace, as i wanted to arrive the place in day light. not just because i wanted to wander around, but we had not pray yet. 

#kang..terlajak..qada' la pulak 8 rakaat...

the village of Ghandruk...

descending the stairs
good luck charm?
we walked, descending the stairs that crossing the village of Ghandruk. it was a big village compared to Tadapani, perhaps bigger than Ghorepani..

btw. as mentioned earlier, it was the 3rd day of Diwali/Tihar, and it is quite common for the locals, particularly kids playing this "Deusi and Bhailo".

In Nepal, family gathering is more significant during Diwali. People in the community play "Deusi and Bhailo" which is a kind of singing and dancing forming a group. People go to all the houses in the community and play songs and dance, and give blessings to the visited house, whereas the home owner gives gifts like rice, Roti, fruits and money. - wikipedia

sounds like a combination of xmas carol + halloween eh?. anyway..we encountered few groups of them along the way to the hotel.

#kena road block beb. kasi duet baru lepas. haha

the happy kids of ghandruk

it was my turn this time to put some money on the tray.  and the kids gave me flower, while happily joined us for a group photo with them.

we finally arrived at our hotel. it was almost dawn i.e. dah nak maghrib, but we managed to perform our prayer.

we had an en-suite room this time. probably Durga managed to get a good deal for us.

it had been a very long day for us. perhaps..the most emotionally challenging part of the journey, as you read so far. anyway, i was glad we did the trekking following this route, as i bet if we started from Ghandruk, the trail would be more challenging due to the steep stairs that you have to climb etc. vs. us..descending. coming from Tikhedhunga, probably the main challenge was stairs of ulleri...once you've done with it...it'd be easier.

Durga came to our room, while we were preparing the place for our jama' pray, to ask us about our dinner, and then asked us to write his 'guest book' etc. gosh..he couldn't wait for at least dinner time later etc.

#pak cik neh masuk bilik dgn kasut kotor dia yg dah pijak tahi kuda etc. stress terpaksa kemas2 balik before solat.
#pakcik neh tak sempat2 nak setelkan order utk dinner and also isi buku tetamu dia kasi review etc. bole jer tunggu karang sket..orang dhla penat.

i went down to the restaurant after solat, thought of having a cup of hot black tea, while mingled around before the dinner. my phone battery already dead, and i asked the courtesy of the owner to allow me to charge the phone. FOC.

we had tuna curry for the dinner, and lesson learnt from the night before, we ordered only a portion. ah..too bad. this time it was a small portion only. luckily we still had the 'serunding ikan' that i brought from home. perfecto! and the curry was good too.

the small portion of tuna curry

while having dinner, the kids of the guest house owner were busy lighting the candles around the guest house. and there was still group of kids coming around singing etc. we didn't stay long after dinner. too tired. and we bid farewell,went to sleep early that night.

#sleeping and hoping that the pain on our legs will ease by tomorrow.



  1. Alamak bila tengok anjing2 berkeliaran tu rasa cuak pulak (fobia anjing)

    Kadang2 tu kagum jugak kan dengan keadaan kampung terpencil di atas gunung...dan mereka survive dengan jayanya.

  2. haha.. ren. seb baek ko x trek ngan aku. mesti jadik bahan sakat aku kalau elergik anjeng neh.

    well..part survival kat kawasan terpencil tu..mmg kagum gak..in fact siap ade wifi etc. mmg bertabah diaorg neh.

  3. khai.

    well...tgk view cantek camneh..mmg teruja jiwa.


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