going Kathmandu (p17) - chasing Ghandruk ... cont.

trail of annapurna

we left Deurali village after the short break, made our way down, descending the steep stairs. and Durga was really on his moment. moving like the orcs hunting us (pardon the hobbit element). the pain on the calf and heel started to grow, as we were stepping down fast, putting a lot of pressure to the feet. 

the rhododendron forest of the trail, was actually a beauty to enjoy. the trail, for instance, was along the beautiful stream and waterfall. the mossy forest look, was scenic...and even the sound of the birds (the forest was know to host a number of species), made you wanted to walk and breath the moment, instead of running away from it, like we were doing. 

we passed a small village which i forgot the name was, but Durga asked us whether we want to stop for lunch of not. it had been about 3hrs of journey since we left Ghorepani, but since it was still early at 11am, we decided to continue our journey. Durga said the next place would be another 2hrs trekking etc.

at one point, i just felt that i had enough with Durga's pace, and made my own break. i stopped at the bank, pull my tripod and set it up. Durga just looked us from a distance, and i knew he had problem with us stopping. but i didn't give a damn. we paid a lot, flyin this far and only to know that we couldn't enjoy the beautiful place? (i know, it is the same rambling like before). i spent my time...doing the slow shutter photography, packed up and continued the journey.

i thought the trail after Deurali would be the same i.e. descending the hills etc. , but i was wrong. we had another hill to climb. 

and passing the trees at the slope of the hill.

and walked on the flat trail on the cliff of the hill. we arrived at the Bathanti hill, and Durga showed us Tikhedhunga and Ulleri, that we left the last 2 days, on the other side of the hills.

gosh. we had been walking that far.

we continued the journey. descending again the hill..and then walked on the flat land for a while, passing again the streams and waterfalls...and i saw another hill to climb. seriously...my energy was almost all drained..and it was our lunch time already. my heart sank...

#emosi sambil menyumpah dalam hati.

i grabbed 'snickers' bar and biscuits from the backpack, and made a stop to restore my stamina and motivation.

as we passed the steep part of the trail, ascending the hill, i saw something that cheered me up!..i saw the sign..and we were almost at 'Tadapani'! , our last stop for the day!

or as i thought...

i was wrong! Durga told us that we'd be stopping there for our lunch ONLY, and then continued our journey to Ghandruk. that would be our destination for the day.


gosh. no wonder he was moving that fast, and that translated to twice the distance for us to cover for the day. anyway, we did fast actually. arriving Tadapani within 4 hours...but again..our legs were in pain and my emotion torn apart.

i was too tired to argue with Durga. i was angry actually..and didn't have to mood to speak to him or even Sunil, our porter, when he greeted me and asked how was i doing. he said i looked pale. obviously, i was actually flat.

#ada hati tanya aku ok ke tak..despite muka aku dah pucat kepenatan.

Tadapani is located at the same elevation as Ghorepani i.e. 2800m asl., and it was cold up there. i thought we could end our journey for the day there, and the reason i agreed with Puru, the sivaji of the AboveHimalaya, was because i didn't want to push myself too hard on trekking, and i wanted to enjoy sometime in day light at each places that we would overnight. in fact, it was told that, Tadapani also offer a nice view of the range, particularly Machepuchare.

#time neh..sedap betul hirup teh o panas...menenangkan jiwa.

i ordered pasta with cheese for lunch. thought of having something different, instead of fried rice or dhaal bhaat etc. it was good...but then i lost my appetite already because i was too tired and thought of i could vomit if i were to eat till my stomach full.

Durga was surprised and asked why i didn't finish my meal. sigh...

#siot jer tanya.



  1. wahhh ganah dia punya header sbb dia ade salji turun lagi. aku punya takde pun daun gugur2~ hahaha ahaks. sorry gib, tu yg aku perasan dulu bila bukak blog ko. ^_^

    1. Hehe. John ape nk sori mori. Xde hal. Btw...gambar tu xmas mirekel kot...dh few gambar aku upload tetiba ade element salji. Hahaha

  2. tak sanggup nk tgk gambar ank2 tangga tu, agip...dah la lutut pun dah tak berapa nak kuat dah ne..mau fikir berjuta kali kalau nak try ABC atau apa2lah yg seangkatan dengannya..atau pun, impian hanya tinggal impian sebab tak sanggup hahaha..

    btw, gambar small waterfall tu cantik sangat...boleh buat wallpaper ;)

  3. Hehe. Zilla..probably not as bad as it is. Dianye level cam mesilau...but endurance sbb longer trek..day to day. Hehe. Kalau bole cari pakej yg longer sket...rasanya bole enjoy n x mendera.
    Btw. Thanks.,the only try yg berjaya. Regret gak sbb along d way tu cantek2 waterfall dia

  4. arghhh... ko ikut annapurma base camp rupanya!! going to try this in August! wish me luck!! *jeling ke zilla yg ikut jugak*


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