going Kathmandu (p16) - chasing Ghandruk ...

#tajuk entri takbleh blah!

admiring Annapurna

'we are going to travel twice the distance of yesterday' - and yesterday was referring to the distance between Tikhedhunga and Ghorepani i.e. 8km more or less. something was not right, as i recalled my arrangement with Puru, the sivaji of the AboveHimalaya, was for us to do between 8-10km per-day trekking, and Tadapani, the next stop that i had in mind, couldn't be more than 10km trekking.

i was still tired with all the energy drained for sunrise hiking, and  just gave a plain smile to Durga as he explained to us while we were packing our stuff. but honestly, i still had Tadapani in my mind as our next stop, where we could break and enjoying the closer view of Machapuchare there.

Dhaulagiris from our room

Annapurnas from our room

it seemed like everybody started to leave the hotel, heading to their next destination. i bet most of them were doing the annapurna circuit or heading in opposite way, as we saw only a few on the path to Tadapani. or perhaps, we were already late. everybody left already! hehehe.

the trail started on a flat land, with just few elevation along the way. and mind that we were trekking in the forest now. after few minutes, i started to feel the challenge. we were ascending! pretty much as steep as what we had when hiking the Poon Hill in the morning earlier.

'this is bad' i told myself. it was not even half an hour of trekking, i felt so heavy to step on the stairs. i was still not recovering yet from the morning hike, perhaps. and moreover, i was not prepared with the fact that we had to hike again! i thought Poon Hill was our ultimate challenge, and we would start descending etc., but the trail now seemed a deja vu.

# Deja Vu di Poon Hill ...ok kak timah bole buat drama baru

i had to bear with all of these, and i saw others already far in front, particularly my one and only Durga.

the stairs

higher and higher
the greatest challenge...my heart sank seeing this stairs

and finally, we reached at the peak of Deurali pass.

i understand all Durga's rambling about not going to Poon Hill thing. we were at the peak adjacent to Poon Hill, at almost the same height, and enjoying the same breathtaking view we had this morning.

and the feeling of 'i am the ugly person, looking at the beautiful and breathtaking Allah's creation, from the tiny cave hole..and it did feel a better deal' came back..

Subhanallah...i felt blessed to see such beauty

#mode di bawah lindungan kaabah..

# Poon Hill gave slightly better view, but if you want to save energy and time, you can skip Poon Hill.
# Deurali pass will be your first encounter instead of Poon Hill if you decided to do the trekking following Nayapul-Ghandruk-Tadapani etc. direction.

Dhaulagiris from the peak of Deurali pass
Dhaulagiris - Annapurnas from Deurali pass
everybody taking a break
me!!!! and it was still cold as i wore layers + windbreaker

we had a long break there.it seemed everybody's favourite place to stop, while continuing the journey. there was a small hut selling drinks, but we passed that.

we left the peak and following Deurali pass trail, entering the forest again. after a while, we were now descending. to my surprise, Durga moved really fast this time. i was not sure what was in his mind, but he was really2 fast this time. and at one point i lost him from my sight.

#adekah dia melihat entiti asing?

hiking the trail of Deurali pass
entering the forest
the trail now was a combination of flat land, some elevation and most of the time, descending quite a steep stairs. and it was hard to catch up with Durga's pace with this kind of trail, particularly when descending. i have a vertigo problem, and stepping down the stairs always impose a great cautious to my mental.

we arrived at the village of Deurali itself and made another break. this time we had a drink. i bought a bottle of sprite that cost at 200 rupee. i was dumb, to drink it straight from the bottle, as soon as i opened the cap. and hell ya....the gas was all over my lung and esofhagus trying to came out. i forgot, we were at higher altitude where the pressure was lesser.

# cuak tak ingat...sbb gas and air cam nk kuar dari mulut, idung etc.

friend was excited to take pictures of the local kids, but he had less common sense as didn't know what to offer in return. ended up with being scolded by the mother 'one picture, one chocolate!'.

small village of Deurali
the goodies sold by the locals


  1. haha kisah Sprite tu lawak!

    Masa aku kat sana, terbuat benda bodoh pergi beli coke letak dalam my water bottle. Lepas trek sejam masa break bukak je water bottle tu, coke terpancut dekat straw all the way 10metres kena satu group lain from Singapore. Hehe malu gila time tu

    anyway bro pakai NEx 7? Cun gila gambar2.

  2. haha.. sgtla..huduh benor aku dgn air kuar dari mulut , idung bagai.

    ko nye siap dh jadi cam partey F1 plak. hehe. memori betul trekking jejauh neh.

    all the way..aku gigih bawak alpha a700 n nex 7 aku. end up pakai nex 7 jer. hehe. thanks btw. tu hasil karya cz lens yg baru di invest just before fly ke nepal. :)

    p/s: layout baru tu...mantap beb. custom made eh?


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