going Kathmandu (p14) - the twelve peaks of Annapurna


'I noticed there was a cave across from Petra, so I made my way over and sat in it. And it was there that I finally proved my point to Ricky and Steve. It was much better to look out of a hole at a palace, than live in the palace looking at a hole. I think the same rule applies with humans. I think I’d rather be an uglyish looking person than a beautiful one, as how often do you have to look at yourself? If you’re quite ugly and you’re sat facing someone who is pretty at work, who’s got the better deal?' - Karl Pilkington of An Idiot Abroad

passing 30's, somehow, you tend to loose your humour. life is pressing hard on the feel and joy that you should cherish. and watching Karl, 'enjoying' his journey, most of the time put my perspective back. i laughed again. 

i know it is exaggerate. but it was a tipping point. you never know.

perhaps, what he said above, depicts the feeling of being at the top of Poon Hill. at 3210m, in a good weather and clear sky, the twelve peaks of Annpurna - Dhaulagiri rose from the darkness as the first rays of light appear from the east.

i am the ugly person, looking at the beautiful and breathtaking Allah's creation, from the tiny cave hole..and it did feel a better deal. hehehe.

Poon Hill - catching the sunrise

most of the times, i have a different opinions about the sunrise tour, particularly that involving hiking. it has not much to do with the fact that we got to wake up before the dawn etc., because i am a morning person. but the major deal here is, the objective somehow can be misleading. do you go early to watch the sunrise itself? or do you go as it is the best time to see the surrounding?

#big word - objective.

Middle of the night, and I was still in my rem. It was freezing and i think the temperature already dropped below 0 degC. The sleeping bag and thick blanket was a very welcoming combination for our good sleep. But again, it was not that good for me. With the altitude and temperature change, my body temperature seemed haywire.I had weird dreams, including me missing the morning hike etc. and it was like you always have when unwell, fever etc.  I dreamt i woke up and asked panadol from my friend to counter my fever etc.

Finally, the minions of my lumia started the choir of 'Banana Song' and woke me up from the rem. Despite the dream and the unwell feeling, i decided to go.

we went to the hot-shower to take wudhu' and then had our subuh pray, before heard Durga knocking our door. i only packed myself with camera, tripod and my walking pole. friend would carry the water for me as he brought the backpack. we left the hotel and made our away to the entrance of the trail to the peak of Poon Hill. we passed the back alley of few buildings there, and reached the stairs.

as Durga said 'another Stairs of Ulleri'. my heart sank last time, but i was more confident to tackle the trail as i was travelling light this time. 

as expected, despite travelling with camera, tripod and walking pole,  i couldn't go fast and i decided to hike at my own pace, instead of Durga. i think it was a mix of AMS symptom and fatigue from yesterday's hiking, as my legs were so lazy to step up ascending the stairs, and my heart pounding fast sometimes.

we reached at the gate, and suddenly Durga asked us to pay for the entrance fee. i was a bit mad that time, as we were not told earlier. luckily i brought mine, and paid the entrance.we continued, as there'd be still another 3/4 journey to the peak of Poon Hill. 

i noticed the trail was not that crowded. i guess most people began earlier than us, of hike faster.

i made few stops along the way, catching my breath and restoring the strength and motivation back. i kept telling myself, i had worst than this. it was just hiking the stairs...not like the sunrise hike in Kinabalu, Batur etc.

Durga was still in my sight, and he suddenly made a stop and told me to look behind. ah...it was a night with a clear sky..and we could see the peaks of  Dhaulagiri-Annapurna range already.

after almost 1 hour ++, hiking the stairs, i arrived at the peak of Poon Hill, just after the first rays of sunrise filling the sky. Alhamdulillah. it was not that bad. it was easier compared to what i'd done before.
words couldn't speak much about the breathtaking view of the range from where i was standing. it was amazing.

enjoy the pics!

i looked around and saw the frost. ah..proof that i was hiking in the sub-zero temperature.
and the sun rose from the east...

fr left - Gurja, Dhaulagiri 5, 3,2, 1, Tukuche, Dhampus, Nilgiri
fr left - Dhaulagiri 2, 1, Tukuche, Dhampus, Nilgiri, Annapurna 1, Annapurna South, Hiunchuli
fr left - Annapurna 1 (8091m), Annapurna South (7219m)
fr left - Dhaulagiri 3 (7715m), Dhaulagiri 2(7751m), Dhaulagiri 1 (8172m), Tukuche (6920m)
being among the world-best view points, i couldn't run from  the fact that the place was crowded with people from all over the world. it was a bit tricky to get the best view for the photos, but since the Poon Hill peak space, was large...you just got to move around...and there'll always a spot for you. :)
the everybody of the world
i met Lim again, and i think she arrived later than us.

i was approached by a chinese lady, who asked for my help to take her pictures. while doing that, we were greeted by this white-man, and he was surprised to see me with the lady.

'where is your husband?' he asked the lady, as noticing that he greeted the wrong person.
she was clueless. probably overwhelmed by the excitement of having her pictures endlessly taken.

#seyes..minah neh blur.

i went up to see the view from the watching tower, after everybody came down. and saw another chinese lady. and i thought she was the same person that asked for my help earlier. i just gave her a 'hi'..and she gave me a look.

#salah orang pulak tegur. but honestly..muke semua lebey kurang sama. dahla pakai kamera sama.

but later, she asked me to take her pictures. sigh.

i saw Durga. he was wandering around, looking for us. and i knew.

it was time to go...o go...


  1. stress betul aku dgn durga ni. isk

  2. meng. aku sgt bertabah dgn mamat Durga neh. banyak lagi drama after this. stay tune

  3. cuma nak tanya, bila mau repeat?? nak ikut!!! :D

  4. hehe. repeat? tungguuuu.

  5. Tengok gambo pon dah sejuk.

  6. ren, pendaki tegar cam ko ok kot bole survive. hehe


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