going Kathmandu (p13) - Ghorepani and around ...

From left : Peaks of Annapurna 1 (8091m) and Annapurna South (7219m) 

it was good to arrive early (despite my rambling about the pace that we had to deal with), as we got the chance to wandering around Ghorepani, while there was still day light.

As we arrived at the hotel, Sunil already put our bags in the room. He was having fun with other porters and guides, playing volleyball at the court in front of the hotel. Ghorepani is located at 2800++ m asl, and it was cold out there. but the boys, were enjoying the game outside, like nothing. 

We went straight to the room and lay down on the bed, releasing all the sighs. Durga told us we had a room with the view of the mountains, but then it was passing the mid-day already, and normally, the view was blocked by the thick mist and the cloud.

Our Room, with the view of the mountains
room charge, if you plan to book by ourself
the dining hall
same as Chandra guest house at Tikhedhunga before, we had to share the bathrooms (hot shower available!) and toilets. but since Sunny hotel, is among the favourite places to stay in Ghorepani, probably due to the 'mountain view' rooms, the hotel was a bit crowded. and i bet for most of the times. they only had 2 hot shower bathrooms for the whole basic room block, and 2 toilets at each floor. with many people around, well..you know how things would be.

i decided to clean up myself and have a hot shower. it had been a long day of trekking (with the sweats etc.), and it was better to go before the dusk, before the night's temperature freeze us. mind you, the bathroom was located outside the building, and i had to bear waiting for a while in my kain pelikat and towel.


after a good hot shower, and had our jama' pray, i had a quick nap, before went to mingle at the dining hall with my friend. we joined others who was gathering around the heater at the centre of the hall. somehow, all of them were actually the guides/porters a.k.a locals, and they gave a look when me and friend who looked too excited enjoying the moment of heat there. hahaha. other people seemed enjoying the time inside the hall with having a cup of drink, chatting and playing poker etc.

Durga saw us and greeted us. We asked him to order us hot chocolate.

We moved to the empty table next to these old couple, which i think from europe. i couldn't tell whether they were british or germany, as the way they spoke, the had both accent. hehe. The drinks arrived, and Durga asked us whether we do play chess or not. Friend does, and he brought the chess set to our table and began the battle with friend. hehe. 

playing chess
the battlefield - chess set yang dah sendu
i just watched them playing, while drafting my entries using the phone and then i saw the cloud slowly dispersed and showed us the tip of the Annapurna South's peak.

the tip of Annapurna South's peak
Durga quoted ' if the view is like today, we may not have to hike Poon Hill, because it may not worth, hiking and not to see anything. in fact on our way to next place tomorrow, we will hike to the same height, and will have the same view like Poon Hill'. 

yeah. despite i clearly remember his words, i was puzzled with the fact, and just let it go, because i don't like the sense of ' don't have to go' thing.it reminded me my experience when hiking Kinabalu last year...so much discouragement from the guide.

#yennadey...i already paid you for bringing us everywhere agreed. okay?

after few rounds of (chess) battle, where all the winnings went to the old man, we decided to go out as we wanted to wandering around the village. the temperature already dropping closing to 0 degC due to the approaching night.

suddenly i felt that i had to buy another snow-cap/head cover , because even with the current temperature, and with my head cover that i brought, i felt my ears already numb. it was not enough.

'we are going for an early morning/night hiking tomorrow, and the temperature is expected to be worse than this!' i told myself.

i entered one of the shops there, and bought something like below for 400 rupee. hehe..the design below was a bit exaggerate.mine was not that long, and didn't have additional wool/fur inside.

#fancy dok?
source- google : my new head cover - minus the model
the shop that i bought my head cover
the shop owner and the colleagues were friendly. probably because i was the only customer for the day, i was entertained happily by them. they keep guessing where did we come from..and perfecto..one of them guessed it right - malaysia!. hehe.

#tade hadiah ok.

we left the shop and continued wandering around...seeing what the locals did and then made a stop at another shop, buying the postcards.

curiosity dragged me closer
main tikam macam cite Ali Baba Bujang Lapok
we went back to the hotel and saw the cloud was dispersing from the sky and giving a better view of the sky and the peaks. perhaps..tomorrow, we could enjoy a vista!

the cloud is dispersing
entiti asing melompat
we had an early dinner at the dining hall. we ordered egg curry this time, and was surprised with the portion, which enough for two person. we should have ordered different meal, instead of 2 bowl egg curry. hehe.

#tak abes ..banyak sangat. membazir betul agip.

the egg curry
anyway...despite the huge crowd, flocking the hall for dinner, i have to say that the hotel's service was fast - serving the meal, cleaning etc. and in fact they had a variety of food could be ordered...even the sizzling like below. hehe.

fire fire!...fiery sizzling for the night
i met Lim, when i was wandering at the counter looking for the staff to refill my bottle with water. i thought she was one the staff, while she was at the counter, looking at her phone and charging the battery. 

#50 rupee is charged if you want to charge your mobile phone battery etc.
#120 rupee for 1 litre drinking water refill.
# do you know they have wifi here!

not knowing we both Malaysians, she broke the ice by asking me where am i from. we had a long chat while me waiting for the staff filling my bottle with water. Lim is a nurse by profession. She was on her 'between-job' break as she just resigned from one of the private hospitals in KL, and going to work in Abu Dhabi later. she came to Nepal to volunteer on a charity work for one week, before heading for the annapurna trekking. and she was travelling alone, hired a guide for the trekking.

i know, it had been only few days since we'd been on the road without meeting any Malaysians, but it was nice to finally met someone from your own country and gossiping about all the boos of each other's journey. hehehe. probably, i had enough Nepal in me by the time we reached Ghorepani.

we bid good night to each other, and bid farewell to the day, after had our jama' pray. 

# effort g amik wudhu kat hot shower di kala malam yg sejuk membeku..huhu.

anyway..Durga's quote on ' there'll be another hike like stairs of ulleri' playing in my mind as i entered my rem, and i was hoping it won't be that bad....

till then...


  1. hi agip

    postcards dah sampai.tqvm..suka sgt2 :)

  2. hi zilla. Alhamdulillah..dh sampai. agaknya diaorg antar naek kuda kot..sebulan baru sampai.

    my mum pun bgtau baru sampai gaks kat umah di kampung. haha

  3. hahaha..kira laju jugaklah tu dari tak sampai langsung kan?? :D


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