a year to remember ...2013

motivation is totally not in the vein and your are sitting in front of your workstation on the 365th day of the year. i've been figuring what should i do to fill in my time as most of the deadlines that i need meet, has to be held as most of the resources are on vacation. i've been blog-walking since morning, and reading fellows final entries to wrap up the journey of the year. it has been an interesting year for everybody. one thing for sure, how therapeutic being on the road could be. despite all the dramas and everything, nothing beats the satisfaction of 'been there, done that' feeling. it eclipses everything (exaggerating..haha).

same as others, it is also my ritual to ponder and reflect on things happened throughout the year, and wondering on the next. but honestly, as  the clock is ticking, i'm having hard time to articulate my thoughts into words, wisely.

probably, a short entry will do. but knowing me, probably the part 2 will come. so? what's in for now? well..perhaps things that made into my list. i know it's weird - moments + movies + travel + gadget? eh?

1. the GE13 - it has to be one of the greatest moment of my life. taking sides, exercising your rights etc. rather than rambling and complaining. nothing beats the satisfaction seeing the boogeymen licking and swallowing back all the spit and lies that they played. but the whole thing really thought me to see in a lot of perspectives, particularly on the faithfulness, on the loyalty, on how hatred grown taught people to invalidate everything that is rational, that is good..even that is true.

2. walking on the footprints - ah.. it has been quite a year. coming back to write persistently after being in hibernation, somehow therapeutically a pleasure. i decided to loose all the connection with 'mainstream', and found myself spending more time, on writing...on reading...on seeing things..on reflecting things. honestly, it was not meant to be this acceptably known, but thanks for fellows..you know who you are...that linked me. i feel humble.

3. can't stop, won't stop - if i were to choose a song that caught my attention for the year...this is one of those. i don't care about her problem..trying too hard to evolve from her HM days, to a Rihanna or Gaga wannabe (image), but the song at least proved to be a much better departure compared to 'can't be tamed'. and i love the song, not only because of the original is good enough, but also the covers done by so many people, particularly by rebecca black. ah..btw..her act, lighting the cigarette after accepting the award recently was lame. she's not Amy Winehouse (RIP) enough to act such. LOL.

4. perth - road trip with the roslans. ah...a memorable trip. Alhamdulillah, sharing the extra-rezeki that i had with my family. it was great.

5. ain's graduation - she is my youngest sister. and seeing her finally graduated for her degree, and then stepping into the new phase of her life, makes me feel proud of her. the years of trying to be there for her regardless time or money, somehow worthly paid off. darling...all the best for your future.

6. siem reap revisit -the place has a significant for me, since it was the first place i travel, post university life. it was sort of my first oversea trip since back from the study. a short weekend trip with friends, but a memorable one.

7. the Kulikutif Life- ah. despite my rambling about my worklife, i guess, the hardwork paid off. i got the reasonable opportunity, i passed the assessment, i was recognized..and perhaps..the final year evaluation, which i am still waiting for the result, will not fail me.

8. Zeiss - i finally own a Zeiss, despite my long affair with KM/Sony. and perhaps..this is the ONLY gadget that i bought for myself this year, using the bonus money, that worth mentioned. gosh. it issuch a beauty. and it attached now permanently on my nex 7.


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