2014 ... off the beaten path

tian shan, xinjiang - source : google

it is monday. and i just came back from the 'fun' of pushing my adrenalin at the southern neighbour theme park. my 8gb thumb drive that hosted my 1 year work just crashed this morning.

1. monday
2. holiday mood
3. 8gb data, crashed.

my day can't be more dramatic.
i have deadlines to chase, and all the drafts which i forgot to back-up last friday, already went to the drain.
i am clueless where to start.

a diversion.
think about your next travel (plan).

Silkroad - Farwest China is on my bucket list.
trying to test the off the beaten path.

like what the Far East Movement said

'where we go, we don't need road...'


  1. hi agip,

    haih, macam mana blh tersama kita punya bucket list ne??hahaha..ne pun tgh berkira2, mcm nak tukar je tiket dr taiwan ke china :D

  2. oh ye ke? haha..jom2..tak tau nape rasa cam termimpi2 jer nk pegi tempat neh. tengah mula membaca2 dh.

    zilla dh beli teket ye? menarek neh

  3. haih, jom layan mimpi hahaha..

    tiket taiwan mmg dah ada..tu pun one way..tapi tiket china mmg takde lagi..sedang berkira2 ne...ingat nak start dari beijing utk panjin pastu baru gerak ke zhangye dan bla bla :D


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