going Kathmandu (p7) - a day in Pokhara ... cont.

the lake city of Pokhara - info from wikipedia

Phewa Tal, Pokhara

Yeti Hotel

we agreed to meet Durga at 2pm, for the boating trip. we went back to our room at Yeti Hotel. a nice budget hotel, but a bit far from the lakeside town centre. the surrounding was great, it even has a small garden, where you can have your breakfast there. (we did on the next morning..hehe) 
The Balcony/Common Area
Buddhist Praying Flags - owner dia penganut buddha
In front of the room
the small garden
the twin room was spacious enough and it has en-suite bathroom with hot shower/water etc. i just had few reservations like the water supply sometimes was cut in the middle of the night due to the some piping work around the area, the water smelt rusty and the power cut schedule thing. the staff were friendly and helpful, despite their limitation to speak english. btw. our room package did not include breakfast and we had to order it separately.

the room
the hotel info-board
Luncheon at Fewa Lake Cafe

it was 1pm already and we went out looking for lunch. not much info about halal restaurant/food that i managed to gauge. apparently, none so far. we walk along the road and made stops at any decent-look eateries, reading the menu etc. upon deciding where to eat. 'ah...this is the moment to start eating fish or practicing vegetarian', i said to myself. hehe.

The Restaurant - bile la plak waiter dia enterframe..
finallly we chose to eat at Fewa Lake Restaurant and Bar. there were few mat salleh having their lunch there, and the restaurant looked decent, and free wifi (sigh...).

You are connected!
i ordered nepalese vegetarian set, while friend was having the fish-fried rice. oh..the orange juice was too sweet for my taste, btw.

Nepalese Veg. Set - Rice, Dhal-baat, Spicy Chutney, Pickle, Yogurt & Dhal Cracker (Papadom)
well..to my liking, it was not that good. i mean a bit bland and it tasted weird particularly the yogurt, pickle and chutney. friend's fried rice seemed just ok.

#tabahla aku nak jadi vegetarian next few days neh...

Fish Fried Rice
Phewa Tal ... 

we went back to the hotel, and saw Durga already waiting for us. we went back to the room as i wanted to bring my camera bag and tripod etc. to the lake. i asked Durga, how far is the lake-side from the hotel. he said it was just a short walking distance. we just followed him, and he walked quite fast, and we were always left behind, not only just because of his pace, but because we walked leisurely, taking pictures etc. 

finally, we arrived the lake-side town..and it was quite big and lively..i mean there were lot of shops selling trekking gears, souvenirs and also eateries.

Pokhara Lake Side Town
Souvenir Shops
Pokhara Lake Side Town
after almost 30 minutes, we finally arrived at the Phewa Tal lake side. it seemed a busy day there as we saw a lot of local tourists etc. waiting the turn to get on to the boat etc., while the street vendors all over the place. but it was not that hectic, and i still could stomach the ambient. i didn't do any survey on the things sold there, as Durga seemed on a rush, asking us to decide on the boating trip etc.i thought we had to row the boat by ourselves, but i was relieved to know that there was option to hire a rower.

the prices for the boating are as below, and we took option 2 and paid extra for the life jackets.

The Prices
most locals that went there, actually going to the temple on the small island in the middle of the lake. while i guess only few, including outside tourists that opted for the boating around the lake etc.

Locals waiting for the boat trip to the temple
Temple on the island in the middle of the lake
ah..Durga also joining us for the 1 hour boating..hence maximising the boat quota of 4 persons.

#tak payah kot nak sibuk2 join orang nk feeling2 neh. hehe

Our guide - Durga
anyway, the view was not that impressive as what i thought i.e. with the mountains as background etc. , due to the hazy/misty air of the lake.it was gloomy day at the lake.in fact, it was raining (lightly) as we left the place. but the tranquility, at least beat everything. i mean...only the sounds of the rower paddling the boat, and sometimes the birds, filled the air, and let us dwell in our own moment.

#okeh. sgt feeling.
#kadang tu bunyi orang ramai2 pegi temple memecah kesunyian gaks.

a lone boat in Phewa Tal
The mountains are missing... Phewa Tal, Pokhara
we done with the boating, and then told Durga that we'd be staying for a while and going back to the hotel by ourselves. he seemed ok (of course..as didn't have to babysit us..). i saw the colourful boats, and reminds me the trademark-photo of Phewa Tal (Lake), that everybody...i mean everybody with cameras loved to replicate. so did us. hehe. but because of the weather and view weren't that good, i was not quite satisfied with the outcome. yes..i did set up the tripod and shooting with my ND, but the gloomy day didn't do justice on the hardwork. ouch. 

Boats at Phewa Tal, Pokhara
you can opt to rent the boat from 'independent' owners too. , but it is better to go at the counter etc. 

Boats for rent - Phewa Tal
R&W entry on sight seeing and losing sight gave me a nudge, and recalling my moments during this trip. how and why some people decided to be at a strange land longer etc. i saw few westerners, wandering at the lake side, seating and enjoying the calmness of the lake, having a chat with the locals etc. eavesdropping - some of them had been in pokhara for weeks.probably this is about staying within the sight. :)

i was greeted by a tibetan lady who was selling the hand-made jewellery/accessories, and i made a stop and was actually plan to take her pictures and the artwork she was selling. but i bargained more, we had a long chat. a friendly old lady, and she could speak and understand english, and shared with us a bit about her stories, as a tibetan refugee, selling stuff etc. we bought keychains from her in the end. i insisted to take her pictures and the artwork, and she had no objection etc. she was happy to meet 'nice' people like us, as she quoted. (we only bought 2 cheap keychains actually...not much to please her materially.)

#tak prasan nice okeh.

we left her and walked toward the other side, and saw there were few stalls selling food and drinks actually. but we didn't stop, as it started to rain, lightly.

Stalls at the lake side, Phewa Tal
we made our way back to the hotel, passing the lake-side town again. ah..i made a stop at one of the shops that selling the trekking gear, and bought a reversible fleece (North Face) for 799 rupee (rm27). it was darn cheap! and the quality, despite obviously a fake/grade AAA copy, was excellent and served me well for the next few days.

Pokhara Halal Food Land

do you believe in destiny?
#ape merepek?

hehe. we found the Halal Restaurant in Pokhara! btw..we didn't stop for dinner as we had to go back to the hotel to meet Durga for the briefing on the trekking. we ate here few days later, after coming back from the trekking trip.

anyway. here are some info and tips about the place.

1. it was recently opened, as told by the manager. i think he mentioned just 3 months, hence explain the un-popularity of the place on the map etc.

2. if you want to go here, try to find Lake Way Mini Mall. the restaurant is inside the building.

Look for this place - Lake Way Mini Mall
Pokhara Halal Food Land

Inside the restaurant
Inside the restaurant
Dinner at Bella Cafe, Pokhara

we left the town, and met Durga for a briefing on the trekking program for the next few days. it turned out not as my expectation. i mean i thought he was going to share us the route, check our equipment etc. as that was what i read from others experience. it should had been a full briefing or something, but despite, Durga was just shortly told us about tomorrow's plan, then asked us what do we want to know etc. hmm..well we did ask him about the clothes , the sleeping bag rental etc. but he just left me with the impression that, we should've known things etc. when i asked about the porter etc. as i was worried that he'd be the one carrying the bags etc. , he just told me not to worry about those logistics matters etc. fine then...

#pakcik neh satu suke main redah masuk bilik dengan kasut2 dia. aishh.

done with briefing, and we went out again for dinner. but since the halal restaurant was a bit far from our hotel, we decided to eat at Bella Cafe, which located just stroll away from the hotel. in fact it was started to rain that night, so we didn't want to go far etc.

dinner was good, especially in cold weather. but this time, i decided no dhal-bhaat. instead we ordered fried-rice and add-on vegetable curry and plain omelette to accompany.

Candle light dinner la plak...@ Bella Cafe
Sejuk2 minum ice lemon tea .. @Bella Cafe
the fried rice, the omelette and the vegetable curry
we bid farewell for the night early, after unpack and packing back our stuff etc. for the trekking trip.
it was raining in Pokhara, perfecto...

#tidur dengan lena menunggu hari esok...



  1. sejuk tak time ni agip?

    sewa bot tu brp ringgit malaysia? brp jam?

  2. tenang sungguh aku tgk pemandangan kat Thewal Lake tu. no wonder org putih ko jumpa stay lama kat sana hanya utk berehat je.

    btw, aku suka lagi layout lama ko. ;)

  3. meng : x sejuk..just nyaman jer. pokhara like 900m above sea level. malam sejuk2 sket. sewa bot with rower, 1 jam 400 rupee (dlm rm10++), tambah 20 rupee utk 2 life-jaket.

    john - tenang. i wish the sky is clearer. hehe. btw..layout lama eh. tq for the comment. hehe. nih tgh ubah2 jap sbb. happen yg template ni pic by default ada border. hehe. malas nk edit kat photoscape benarnye.

  4. Keadaan kat sana macam damai je kan. Yang penting ada makanan Halal. hehe

  5. yeap. Alhamdulillah..terjumpe gak restoran halal kat pokhara neh.


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