going Kathmandu (p6) - a day in Pokhara...

Pokhara - Davis' Fall - Tibetan Refugee Camp

we met our trekking guide, finally. he was standing outside the building and holding a piece of paper with a tiny writing of my nickname - agip $%^@. he didn't get the 2nd part right, and the handwriting was bad. the affirmation only came as i quoted the name of the boss, Puru. he introduced himself as Durga, our trekking guide. he is an old chap, perhaps in his 50's.

# dalam hati. aih pakcik neh ke nak bawak trekking nanti?

he led us to the taxi. a midget Kia drove by a not so friendly taxi driver. sorry. i've been judgemental. Durga asked about the envelope that Puru asked me to bring. and then he asked for 2 copies of passport pictures from us. i was like ...why? he said it was for the Annapurna trekking permit. the ones that we gave to Puru on the day before was for the TIMS - Trekker Information Management System. Puru only told us that we ought to bring 3 passport size photos - 1 for the visa, 1 for TIMS and 1 for Trekking Permit, luckily we brought extra.

important note - bring extra passport photos...as apparently, for each of TIMS and ACP trekking permit, you may be requested for 2 photos - 1 for your own card copy, 1 for them to keep.

Durga took us to the Pokhara Tourist Centre to apply for the trekking permit. All done by him and it took a while. so we just wandering around the tourist centre. there was a group of oriental trekkers, doing their permit too, and as usual, they never failed to impress me with their loud-conversation that broke the calmness of the tourist centre. sigh. anyway..we took the honor leaving our marks on the visitor's book, for sake of teasing around. hehe..see if you guys could find our names and remarks there later. :)

we then went to check in at our hotel, Yeti Hotel to leave our luggage before we headed for the 'complimentary' half-day Pokhara tour. our first destination of the tour was Davis' Fall. a short ride from the hotel brought us here. some info about the place.

Davis Falls is one of the popular tourist destinations of Nepal. It is known as Patale Chango in Nepali. The Gupteshwar Cave is locatednear this fall. The waterfall gets its water from the Phewa Lake. The DavisFalls is a unique waterfall around 2 kms from the centre of Pokhara city. This falls flows directly into a narrow and deep canal which has no ends. The nameof the waterfall is related to different stories. Some say that the name wasgiven to this waterfall because a tourist named David fell and died in thiswaterfall. On the other hand the local residents call it Devi in Nepali whichmeans immortal God. This waterfall is also known as Davy's fall, Davis' fall orDavid's fall. The scenic and natural beauty near the falls is extremely impressive. It is an exciting place to spend a day and enjoy nature. - google

the waterfall was impressive. and seeing how deep it went to the cave down there...erghh..scary. anyway, it was so unfortunate, as i left my camera bag and the tripod at the hotel, else i could have done the slow-shutter thing with my new ND. erghh. anyway, the place was a bit crowded, as it was among the major attraction in Pokhara. while wandering around, i saw a group of teenagers tossing their coins into the pond. Durga told us it is a 'wishing pond', where one's wish would be answered if the coin stays, instead of falling down deep.

#Durga pun amik pot layan budak2 neh.

we left the place and Durga took us to visit the 'Tibetan Refugee Camp', which just a short ride from the place. more info about Tibetan refugees in Nepal can be found here.

we were taken to see the refugees' working on producing the craft, particularly waving the famous Tibetan rug. i went to the showroom, and saw the hand-waving rug, cost quite a fortune...the small one, like the door mat, cost almost usd100. phew...at this point of time, i could sense that Durga seemed to be less interested in taking us out for the tour. i mean he just waited at the midget Kia and talking to the taxi driver. as we went out from the show-room, he was sort of impatiently wanted to move etc. i told him that i wanted to take some pictures at the workshop.

and that concluded our half-day complimentary tour in Pokhara. we went back to the hotel and i asked Durga about the lake, the boating etc. and he told us that he'd taking us to the lakeside in the afternoon, after lunch if we want to. so we agreed.


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