going Kathmandu (p5) - flying with Yeti (Air) to Pokhara


“To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries.” – Aldous Huxley

funny thing, i had two conversations that sort of validating what Aldous was quoting.

Friend : Orang Nepal tu .... mongol eh?
Me: ??? oiii.. org Nepal tu the closest you can imagine is - Indian lah...in fact muke aku neh pun consider Nepal tauu.

Mum : Nepal tu...macam mongolia eh?
Me : mak...bukan la..
Mum : bandar dia macam mana eh? ada shopping complex tak?
Me : (chuckled)...ada la tapi standard centre point kot. bandar dia...hmm macam cerita hindustan tu kot.
Mum : ooo cantik la macam tu...
Me : opsss...bukan yang time menari2 tu....neh macam cerita tamil tu..berdebu etc.

hohoho....it was funny, but true. see how 'mongolia' came into the picture twice?. but i couldn't stand with the fact that most of the time, we were thought as local by the locals. totally annoying...lot of incidents which i will tell later, and i guess two things that could save us from continuously being the 'victims' - never try to speak any Nepalese phrases ( Namaste is acceptable ) and the camera hanging on our neck. seriously, it helped.

Flying with Yeti
Manaslu Peak thru the window
AboveHimalaya bought the flight tickets for us, and as i quoted them, to pick the time which they recommended for us. it turned out to be a 830 am flight, and the taxi driver was scheduled to pick us around 7am. an early morning. btw, we paid usd200 for kathmandu-pokhara-kathmandu flight.

we had to skip breakfast that morning (it was not even included in the room-package), and after left our big-luggage with the hotel, we left Thamel to the airport. it was the same taxi driver that drove us yesterday. Basu did not join us today, so i got the chance to sit in front. apparently, the taxi driver was a friendly chap. we talked, and despite his limitation to understand and speak in English, he tried. i wish i could remember his name.

it was still early, and the road to the airport seemed free from the traffic. which means, less honking etc.

we arrived at the domestic-flight terminal of the airport, and went straight to check in our luggage etc. travellers, including locals were already all over the place, checking in etc. to fly, but things still well sorted. once we got our boarding passes and done with the luggage check-in, we went to the departure hall. 

we had to go through the scanning machine, and they had two separate queues - men and women, but the scanning machine was having problem for a while, hence explained the waiting. the guy behind me (local) was sort of impatient, and putting his stuff on the conveyor before mine, and sort of pushing me to move. as the officer explained we got to wait for a while, he mumbled something in Nepalese to me etc. (see... muke nepal aku neh). i didn't care and just looked away while pushing his stuff back so that i could put my bag.

finally, everything went back to normal, and the scanning and inspection went in a breeze. i must say, the officers were good, no big fuss etc. it was the people who seemed has slightest idea about simple rules and ethics - to queue, wait for your turn etc.

while waiting, i went to the book shop inside the hall, finding postcards and stamps. ah..hope both safely arrived at cikmelur's doorstep (sooner or later). :)

something i noticed about the stamp - the Nepal and Israel flags - are they sort of allies? hmm..

we waited, and then was notified that our flight was re-scheduled/delayed due to the bad weather.  it is quite common in Nepal actually, and i believe it was due to the visibility things - mist/haze or whatever you call it, since Nepal is a 'highland' country.

i went to get a coffee and ate the biscuits we brought as i was hungry since we skipped the breakfast earlier. and due to the delayed flights - others to lukhla etc. also notified delayed etc. , the departure hall started to get crowded. we saw the Indonesian's Chinese group, that i had a cat fight yesterday, waiting at one side of the hall. ergh...i prayed that we would not be in the same flight. 

finally...we were called to board. we hopped on the bus that then took us to the plane.

while queuing, to enter the plane, i asked friend to go first so that he could reserve us the seat facing the mountains - the right side of the plane. there were 2 chinese queuing in front of me. from the way they spoke (english), i was guessing that they might be from Malaysia too. the husband was shouting to her wife ' take picture la..take picture in front the plane'... ah..suddenly they were joined by others, and i just gave them some space since they wanted to take picture in a group in front the plane. but it was a big mistake as all of them, never looked back, and jumped the Q. and i got to be among the last ones that entered the plane. luckily, friend already reserved the seat for me.

#dalam hati ..menyumpah sekejap bile fikir perangai kiasu neh.

the family was actually from Singapore, as i heard the son spoke with one of the passengers and the father, couldn't be more annoying, as keep shouting to her wife 'take picture la for memory...' repeatedly, during the flight, particularly as we started seeing the mountains' peaks. the whole family was seating on the left side of the plane, so they didn't have the privilege to get closer to the view etc. but that couldn't stop the father from annoyingly spoke to the wife in front to zoom lah..apelah etc.

#gosh...name jer duk Singapore..tapi perangai kampung giler.

for someone who is claustrophobic, the flight might seemed small, but since i used to fly on fixed wing for work, and this kind of flight back when travelling in US before, it was ok for me. the stewardess was friendly and the service was good. we were offered candies, and also drinks during the flight.

the 30 minutes journey seemed fast, and we felt it more as we couldn't get enough with the breathtaking view of Langtang/Mansiri and Annapurna ranges. the stewardess stopped as she passed us, and told us that the peak we were seeing was Manaslu, the 8th highest peak in the world at 8156m.

#waaaa...jaw dropped. hehehe.

the flight safely landed at Pokhara Airport. and we went straight to the luggage-claim area to get our bags.

overall..the flying experience with YetiAirlines was a pleasant ones, minus the delay, which i finally could accept as a norm there, due to the weather...and not on the technicality or fancy thing etc. like the red bus. ehem...

"so here we are now - Pokhara...the Lake City ..."


  1. usd200 utk return tix mcm agak mahal. tp how long was the journey? seat dlm flight pun nampak well-maintained. perangai mcm tu jgn kasik muka sangat. choyyy~ hahahah for memory? hayohhh depan flight brape puluh keping nak amek? kekekek

  2. john... yeap. usd200 return memang mahal. dah sama cam flight KL-Nepal AAX harga dia. but..kadang2 org beli sendiri online and bole dapat murah sket dlm usd160 return etc.flight only 30mins...but save time...sbb kitaorg neh in hurry gaks (8 days 7 nights).anyway..kalau pakej biasa etc. ada bus dari kathmandu-pokhara..but taking average of 8 hours lah.

    part amik gambar tu..itulah...apala naseb aku kena ptg Q jer manjang time trip neh.

  3. Terbaik.
    Good experience. InsyaAllah nak ke sini jugak nanti. :)

  4. Janggel..InsyaAllah..sampailah tu

  5. hilang sabar jadinya bila tgk postcard dan stamp yg cantik tu, agip hahaha...

    kalau naik bas, mesti tak dapat view himalaya yg cun tu, kan? flight pula harga boleh tahan emmmm...

    apa pun tak sabar nk tunggu sambungannya..cepat2 update ya agip :D

  6. hehe..xper zilla..kalau naek bas bole rasa experience lain.

    part himalaya tu..bole cover masa naek AAX ke kathmandu tu..beli seat siap2. hehe. cuaca elok boleh tengok sepanjang banjaran tu.

    anyway..harap2 sampaila suatu hari nanti postcard tu. hehe. ari tu saya post dari airport before departed to pokhara.


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