going Kathmandu (p4) - Anatolia , the Halal Restaurant

ok. this is going to be a specific entry about the halal food in Kathmandu. before any further:

1st - check halal kathmandu for the list of halal eateries available in Kathmandu. i'm not sure whether the list is updated or not, but i saw Anatolia in the list.

2nd - currently, Rasa Halal Antarabangsa is focusing the halal food in Nepal. if you have time, tune to channel. perhaps..you'll get a better picture/info.

#definitely no-no for street food, if you are not used to it. hehe. even the hot-chai.

i've checked, and if you happen to stay in Thamel area, the closest halal restaurant available is Anatolia. and this has also been confirmed by our muslim brother, that own one of the shops at Thamel. i did some last minute shopping at the shop and they told me that only Anatolia is the only halal restaurant in Thamel area. (more about the shop and the brothers later).

why specific entry for Anatolia? well...the it is a bit tricky to find the restaurant actually, without knowing the major landmarks that could lead you to the place. hehe.like our case, after confidently walked out from shree tibet with the info that we had from the hotel manager - turn left, left and then right thing....we were lost! 

being the first timer in Thamel, with the noises made by the vehicles (the honk orchestra) and people along the road etc. plus the cold-dusty night of kathmandu (the city is  1400m above sea level), Thamel seemed to be a maze for us. we felt like we were walking in circle, turning back at every end we reached...and with the hungry stomach..ah..it was a bad combination.

we decided to go back to the hotel. the hotel manager was not there anymore, and i tried to ask the staff and they had the slightest idea about the restaurant. since the internet was free, we tried to google it, and me also tried to contact a friend that used to come before.

bam...the important landmark - Khangsar Hotel - she used to stay there and Anatolia is at the building opposite of it.

Khangsar Hotel
but then, we didn't know where Khangsar Hotel was..so we asked the hotel's staff..and apparently, they were able to guide us to the hotel...i mean..to tell us the direction to Khangsar Hotel. so we walked again...following the direction given. and Alhamdulillah..we found the restaurant. 

here are the tips that i can suggest about going to the restaurant.

1. If you lost or seeking direction, or taking taxi etc. perhaps, quoting Khangsar Hotel will help.

2. If you are wandering around Thamel, try to find Kathmandu Guest House (it is one of the big and famous hotel in Thamel), and as standing facing the gate - walk to the left ..and follow the road until you reach a T-junction and turn right. from here, you'll be able to see Khangsar Hotel.

3. Anatolia is located at the 1st floor of the building opposite Khangsar Hotel.

#berapa banyak Khangsar hotel daaa....

we didn't crave for a big dinner like briyani or what not. we just ordered mixed friend rice (veg, egg and chicken) and add-on vegetable curry. food was good! perhaps..a placebo...considering we were hungry and never had anything good since the AAX in flight meal.

Coke - lame x minum from botol cam neh
Mixed Fried Rice - Vegetable, Egg,Chicken
Vegetable Curry
total cost for our dinner that night was 1060 Nepalese rupee (mahal gakla..as it was about rm30 kot).

after a good dinner at Anatolia, we walked back to the hotel. it was still early, and we made few stops at the shops along the way, particularly at ones that selling hiking/trekking gears. 

most products looked copycat/fake, but the quality seemed good to me and worth buying - jackets, fleeces, walking/hiking pole. i only had some reservation on the backpack and shoes as both have to stand the wear and tear, weight etc., but i saw people..i mean the travellers/hikers/trekkers there buying them like a bargain. :)

well. if you have not bought any jackets, trousers, walking pole or even the shoes yet, i think Thamel or Kathmandu itself is a good stopover for shopping those before heading for trekking. the price is cheap!

we bid farewell for the night as our flight would be at 830am, next morning. we'd be flying to Pokhara...the lake city.



  1. Hi! Im from singapore n travelling here alone. Tengah carik jugak makanan halal kat sini. Ur info is very good. Thank you so much! Will definitely try it out. :)

  2. ah.. D-A. glad that i can help. good luck with the food hunting. :)

    btw. if you planning to go to pokhara, there is a halal restaurant at the lake-side town area. still new..as the owner told me they open the shop just 3 months ago. will blog about it later.

  3. best bro..next year i mesti datang sini


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