going Kathmandu (p10) - wandering Tikhedhunga

Tikhedhunga Village
Sunil, our porter already arrived and put our bags in our room, by the time we reached Chandra Guest House, Tikhedhunga. he was already on his nap, i guess. 

our room located at the 2nd floor of the building and we got to go through this narrow stairs to go to our room. i think, we were the only guests there, as the place seemed quiet. probably because it was still early and most trekkers etc. were still on the road or going for extra distance, compared to us.

Chandra Guest House
it was not that bad. i mean, our trekking for the day. and it did match my expectation when Durga quoted 'it'll be a leisure one.'. we had our jama' pray and then decided to rest in our room. it was pleasantly cold outside, and made a perfect companion, for a nap.

the room was very basic, as you can see in the picture below. we had to share the toilet and bathroom, but it was good to know that there was hot-shower too!. toilet - a squat toilet, but at least it has water supplied in a bucket. :)

#no power point to charge the batt. etc. got to go to the restaurant.

our room
in front of the rooms
around the guest house
it was still bright outside, so i decided to take a walk around the village, instead of sleeping. friend was not that eager to explore the place. as i about to leave the guest house, a herd of mules was passing the village. hehe..perhaps they were not the same that tried to knock me down earlier. Durga saw me leaving the place and told me that i could hike a bit further to the highest point in the village to see the place. i noted on the recommendation and made my way to the place.

the mules
i was about to climb the stairs as in the picture below when i stumbled upon a little girl who was wandering around without anybody's supervision. she was walking and cutely mumbling things to me etc., and i had to stay for a while, babysit her while waiting someone to come and look after her.

apparently, the sisters were just nearby, plucking something from the trees that they planted near the house and forgot to lock the door and the lil' girl made her own way, down the stairs and playing by herself. it was cute, but dangerous, ok.

guy, who was actually the neighbor and the owner of one of the guest houses at Tikhedhunga, finally came and held the little girl. we then had a long chat - including a business proposal from him. well..he was telling me that we could work out on something, to bring more visitors/guests to the place etc. i just chuckled when hearing such, because it is not my forte on such things and it made me lost interest already to talk.

i politely excused myself to continue my mission to climb to the highest point in the village to see the view, and left him to babysit the lil' girl. he told me that i could visit the school which located at the top of the hill.

the stairs
a short hike brought me to the top of the hill. and along the way, i passed a group of locals, harvesting the millet. i thought it was paddy.

the ladies harvesting the millet
i made a stop and greeted the ladies with 'namaste', but then, they were too shy to talk, mainly because they didn't speak english. the husband, i guess, came to rescue and entertain my curiosity. we had quite a chat too.

Tikhedhunga and around
the school on top of the hill
i bid my farewell to the group, and descending back to the guest house. i saw friend already awake and wandering around the place. we decided to stay inside the restaurant, as it was getting colder.

the restaurant
we saw Durga and Sunil, playing poker with few others and sat next to their table. Durga came and asked us when we would like to have our dinner. i looked at the watch and it was almost 6pm. it was fine for us, and we had early dinner for the night.

order order !
Hot chocolate and milk tea for the night
Fried rice, steamed rice, veggie curry, plain omelette and mushroom soup for dinner
as it was approaching night time, the guests started to arrive. we had a european couple staying next to our room, and then a group of mainland occupying the rooms at the ground floor. as usual this people, impressed me with their 'louder than ever' attitude, even in the middle of annapurna. luckily they decided to have dinner outside the restaurant, under the stars.

after completed our dinner, we stayed for a while in the restaurant, filling our time with chatting and browsing the pictures etc. then we heard sunil, durga and the guides that followed the european couple, playing nepalese folk songs, using the flute and madal (hand drum). it was entertaining, for sake of experience. eheh..

sunil with the flute
Durga with the madal
the other guide with the flute
the sound attracted few of the mainland ladies to join the crowd in the restaurant. and as they finished playing, the ladies started to have a chat with the guides, and asked whether they knew any chinese' folk musics etc.

# siap bawak galaxytab and ipad..to show to the guides the songs etc. and they tried to sing belt the songs too.

i don't remember what was the exact time, but it was before 9pm. Durga came and told us, it is better for us to sleep early etc. we had no objection, as the night was getting colder, and we believed it'd easily dwell ourselves into the rem cycle.

we left the restaurant and to then to the room. after had our pray, we bid farewell to the night, while wondering what'll the next day brings to us. ..as Durga said ' it'll be a long day tomorrow' ...

# tido berbungkus dalam sleeping bag di malam yg nyaman....


  1. menarik !

    gambar lawa lawa belaka

  2. Nice series of posts and well done!

    Rindu nepal! hahaa

  3. azuan..hehe..thanks bro...all of this won't happen if not inspired by urs. hehe

  4. kagum u all berjaya sampai poon hill! One day jom teh tarik, nak dengar kisah2 Nepal you all haha

    btw aku sampai sekarang phobia egg curry and seafood/vege fried rice haha

  5. azuan. hehe..tq2. nanti got time kite arrange teh tarik.

    bout food. totally agree. naek flight AAX balik msia, terus tukar menu...cari nasi lemak etc.


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