going Kathmandu (p1) - the departure

after 9 series of pre-lude.
Alhamdulillah. safely back to tanahairku after 8 days, being far away. the whole trip was planned within the last 4 months and all done by yours truly, since being the one who's been so eager about exploring this exotic country. anyway, there are so much things to write about this trip. InsyaAllah..will do the story telling at my best. i've and want to do justice, despite few dramas (typical agip), along the trip that somehow gave me a hunch, hence the pushing the boundary entry earlier.

the departure - 30.10.2013

all things set. the backpack, the big luggage, the camera bag, the tripod, the trekking gears etc. the night earlier ended a bit late, as i kept checking all of this, doing laundries, cleaning the house etc. and Alhamdulillah, i did not overslept.

i left home with Rouge at 730, heading straight to pick up friend from his house nearby. then while driving through the DUKE and made a turn to AKLEH, friend just realized that he did not make additional copy of passport for the visa. ah...people sometimes couldn't think fast. i proposed for us to made a stop at the office and he could try to ask colleague to make the copy, but he insisted not to and was quite confident that we could find somewhere later to do the copy. i just worried if we couldn't, and being perfectionist, i found this quite annoying.

dah..drama sket pepagi. 

while made a stopped at the R&R for breakfast, we tried to find any shop that could make the copy, including the gas station, but none happened to have such service. so...we decided to proceed, and friend in cold voice, tried to calm and said ' adalah tu kat lcct nanti'. okeh. let him think about it. as i'd been doing the thinking for all the while, and this simple problem of him, shall be handled by him.

we arrived LCCT at 9am, and i dropped friend to check in the luggage, and then me driving rouge to the car park. the reason we decided to drive and park, instead of taking public transport, because knowing that we'd be arriving late night when return. we had not so good experience queuing and waiting for the taxi in such time. in fact, the cost, would be a fraction higher, so we felt that we could live with that.

i drove Rouge to the car park D, near the Tune Hotel and only to know that the space available was far from everybody. FYI, car park D cost rm16/day maximum, and is among cheap and good options for a long term parking. anyway, as i drove around, the closer spots were taken already, and the ones that available were towards the exit road from the area, and next to the palm oil area. again, knowing that we'd be arriving late, i didn't think it was a good option. so i decided to drive out (paid rm1.00 for 1st hour) and then made a long turn back to the main lcct road, then entered the car park near Pusrawi.

same as car park D, this car park also cost rm16/day maximum. it is still far from the lcct, but it is a better option, as it is within the pusrawi and shophouses/food court compound, plus...it is a proper parking space on tarmac instead of on the red-gravel/soil like car park D. again..the closer spots to the terminal already occupied, and i got to drive to the farthest spot available.

it was sad to leave Rouge in such condition, but since we decided such option, gotta to bear with it. after locked the car and ensure everything fine, i walked back towards the terminal. gosh...it was quite far, and the 20 minutes breeze walk almost made me sweating all over the place. erghh...

friend texted me and told that he was going to the premium lounge to photocopy his passport. Alhamdulillah...setel satu drama. so..take note guys...if happened need to do last minute photocopy on important documents before travel, you can go to Plaza Premium Lounge LCCT, which located just before boarding for international departure hall. well...of course, the cost is at max. friend was charge rm1.00 for his passport photocopy.

it was already 10am, and we decided to go straight to the departure hall. we just wanted to pass the immigration and security gate as soon as possible, to avoid the headache seeing others dramas. it was a mid-week, hence explained the departure hall was less hectic, compared usual. but as we sat down, i saw two long queues, heading towards our gate. well...it was Diwali weekend, hence explained why most of the passengers (in the q) were Nepalese workers, going back for the festival.

we were called to board earlier than usual. it was around 11am, and everybody already moved to the plane, hence we did not have to wait in the departure gate area.

as expected, it was a full-flight and majority of them were Nepalese. and our booked seat was hijacked by a Nepalese guy. he was sitting at the window seat, and i asked him to move out. instead he was just pointed us to the 2 available seat next to him. but i tapped his shoulder and told him 'no, you have to move. we paid for the seats!'. ah..what a drama. i felt bad for a while, as the guy terkebil2 gerak keluar dgn rasa bersalah. probably i was too harsh. but what happened next, seemed verified few things.

i saw the AAX crew having hard time handling these group of people. they were like all over the place, talking loud, moving around and just seat wherever they wanted. and at one point, as the plane was moving on the tarmac and was readied to take-off, some of them even left their seat to open the compartment above, and some of them still using the mobile phone etc. the AAX crew gotta to shout and scold them etc. to stop such things etc.

finally, the flight took off safely...and leaving LCCT.

we had lunch on-board. i ordered the satay set and add-on the desert and apple-juice.

the apple pie. it was good, but so thin. tak puas kot makan.

the 4 hours flight seemed long...probably because i couldn't bear much with these people (pardon me). first, they seemed to have slightest manners - talking loud, going around etc. second, the queue for the toilet always long. and people even jumped the q - yeap..that happened to me.

but then..once i took a peek at the window, things eclipsed. i saw it!..ah..it was the Himalayas! we were in Nepal already! the pilot announced about it...and everybody, started to look outside the windows (even the Nepalese).

hehe..ok..make sure you buy seat on the right of the plane for the KUL-KTM flight, if you wanted to see the Himalayas from the flight. check the seatguru.com if you want a better recommendation. :) 

it was a cloudy afternoon, and we were yet so see Kathmandu valley from the flight, despite the pilot already announced for the landing. looking from the window, the air of Kathmandu seemed cloudy and looked hazy. the plane was still flying around, and waiting the right time to land...



  1. ni gambar pakai kamera baru ke bro? jelas dan nyata skali kualitinya! btw, aku mmg geram kalo jenis main duduk suka hati ket seat org lain. walhal dah tau2 bukan seat dia. pffft! hahaha

  2. John... haha. lensa baru. kamera lama lagi. TQ TQ.

    anyway..part hijack seat neh, aku rasa org2 Nepal nih mmg x reti sgt sistem, masuk2 jer..bila nampak nombor sama terus duduk...tak tengok pun seat A,B,C ke ape. sampi crew AAX pening layan diaorg. hehe

  3. hehe...ok meng. draft dh sampai hari ke 5-6 dh..tgh2 touch up neh.


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