the big boss asked me to see him this morning as i was on my way filling my bottle with water for my morning supplements. ah...it has been a while since last time i was called to meet him personally, and makes me wonder 'apetah lagi tukul nak jatuh neh..'

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as we started to converse;

boss : what is your career plan?
me : pardon me? u mean either i want to me a TP or TM?
boss : yes
me : likely TM. ( i don't have the motivation to sharpening my mind and be an expert, as i think i had enough studying the technical stuff)
boss : good. because i have plan for you. but then you gotta help yourself so that this plan will fit into your career plan.

and the conversation goes on, with my personal grade, salary grade, my recent assessment result etc.
back from the meeting, i suddenly ponder back, whether i had given him the right answer. perhaps, it was a politically right answer, considering current situation where we are now been evaluated for the final year performance, but then i realize, if i were to accept this, it'll be no turning back. my work life gonna be no longer what i'm having now. i may not have the luxury of skipping things, going out or maybe carefree to travel as much as i've been doing at the moment.

ah...what the heck?


  1. pack your things and leave!

  2. John... gotta to think deeply bout permanently leave the company.
    but as always..spirit of traveller - pack je kannn..and leave!

  3. hahaha it's not easy bro. kalo duit berkepuk dalam karung guni kat umah boleh la buat mcm "pack your things and go travel". semua tu kene pikir pro and cons kalo nk betol2 resign. aku ni pun tggu masa je. dah malas dah keje nih! hahaha

    1. Ape lagi bro. Malas2 neh... Angkat kaki n travel..hehe


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