already october? gosh. time really flies. i remember what amy used to say, once october comes, everything seems to move fast...and boom, you are already bidding farewell to the year. 

i was looking at calendar, and my days seem to be filled with things until my kathmandu trip. and that'll eat one and half month already. i haven't counted the workload. it is the 4th quarter of the year, and everything have to be on full speed to be completed, including the performance appraisal. we are still waiting the email from the HR, but i bet it'll be just around the corner since the seating for non-exec already done. i just hope, it'll not mess up my plan. please please please.

my boss is yet to approve my annual leave for upcoming Eid, despite the fact that i've submitted the request since last month. i don't know what is his problem. and today i submitted my leave request for the kathmandu trip. i do hope he'll notice the requests and click the approval button. 

anyway, i went to renew my passport this morning. since i know from the website that the office is opened from 730am, i decided to wait instead of going to the office first. i had to go to the bank first as i forgot to withdraw the money. 

it was around 815am, and it i managed to find a spot to park my car. while walking towards the office, it is common to be greeted by people from the photo-shop offering their service etc. but it is too many of them, haggling for customers of the day. 

luckily i had my photo taken already yesterday by one of the shops in klcc, but at rm16 for 4 pieces, it is expensive.

i thought i was among the early birds, as the office looked calm from the outside. nobody wandering around etc., but things totally eclipsed as i entered the door. what? the place was packed already like jakarta (pardon!) and all seats were taken already.lama lagi laaaa aku kat sini...

i was told by the staff to fill in a form and handover it with my photo and IC to the counter to get my number. i was 1067 and they were currently serving 1032. the staff was looking at my photo, and then said 

staff : Encik. Gambar encik ni tak boleh guna. sebab spek encik tutup mata encik.
me : hah? ye ke. takkan macam tu? diaorang tade pulak warning apa2, cuma tukar background jer.
staff : betul encik. lebih baik encik ambil semula gambar, tak payah pakai spek.
me: ishh..mahal saya buat semalam. 
staff : encik buat kat sini ke? boleh bagitau diaorg mintak tukar.
me : tak...saya buat kat klcc.

adeh. i had to re-take the photo. anyway, looking back at the photo, i didn't expect the immigration will go into that detail. i mean my spectacles has a thick frame, and the its rectangular size just nicely fit my eyes, not like those k-pop influenced design that most teenagers wearing now as fashion statement.

as i stepped out of the office, and the lady already caught me and asked 'amik gambar bang? meh meh kedai nih'. and there was another lady, tak puas hati pulak minah sorang neh potong q, and got me as customer. hehe.

so, another take of photo. this time we experimented with both with and without spectacles, but then the lady said ' abang, lagi senang abang tak payah pakai, sebab diaorg nak tengok muka original'...huh..original? ape ingat aku pakai botok ke? hehe. 

4 pieces and cost me rm12. darn! i understand back then, when you had to use polaroid or film to take the pictures, hence the cost. but now? everybody using a digital camera...it was not even an slr or rx100, few editing on the pc, and the printing using the cheap portable photo printer. hmm...memang kaye la org neh.

my turn came at 9am, and then i have to wait for another 30mins for the payment. the guy told me it'd be ready within 1hour, but i was told earlier by the other staff that there was some problem with the system and the passport would only be readied within 2hours. so i decided to go back to my house and waited.

i went back after 1.5 hours, around 11am. gosh..it was hard to find the parking spot now. i had to drive in circle for few times, before finally parked my car few blocks away from the office. as i arrived, my passport was not readied yet. ah..i was 20 minutes early, hence explained the un-readiness. to my suprise too, my passport was actually readied exactly after 2 hours as promised. my number were called at 1135am. 

okeh. one important thing settled! dah bole la nak feeling2 larikan diri ke oversea neh. hehehe.


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