Jakarta - prelude lagi


my adik message me this afternoon - agip, mak kata jom pegi jakarta bulan 12 ni!
erkk? i kept reading the message and wondering ' ape ke hal pulak mak aku nak pegi jakarta?'. i hope it was not our conversation last night where i quoted 'shopping mall berlambak2 kat sini..' encourage this.

honestly, i can be clueless about this. being the travel planner for family trip has not been easy. the expectation is relatively high. not everybody is carefree to taste life out of the comfort zone. for my parents, i understand, as they growing older, strolling all over the place, taking the public transport etc. may not be the best option. while my 2 siblings, have the slightest ideas about exploring as they rather just follow my lead (and wondering where we going next). 

and Jakarta, as i mentioned earlier, has no chemistry with me.  

i have to divert the thinking, and propose somewhere else. somewhere exotic, where both sightseeing and shopping are doable without facing the headache of bad traffic, bad food etc. ah...

the plan

we bought the tickets early this year. it was yasir's idea as he was surfing the AA website and was thinking to fullfill his wishlist to travel more places this year. and being a sort of weekend husband (his family is in Brunei), we can only afford to go for a short weekend break, as for sure the longer ones and public holidays are days for him with his family.

the ticket was cheap at rm95 return, but as expected the timing is not at the best. our KUL-JKT flight was the last flight of the night at 1020pm, and our return flight was at 830pm from JKT. but then, we have at least 2 solids day to spend.

i'd been to jakarta twice, well...one of trip was only just a stopover. but my only trip before and the google input more or less gave me enough idea, for me to propose on what to do (pardon...i always been the travel-planner in this case).

we had two main things to do - monas + kota tua and culinary tour. perhaps, these 2 main activities, enough to occupy our 2 days there, without making it too pack etc.

as culinary tour was decided to be the agenda, we decided to book our accomodation at Kelapa Gading area. honestly, it was because we were motivated by the extract from wikipedia as below: 

we decided not to hire any driver and car this time, as i suggested for us to explore the city via the public transportation. yeap..i had fun strolling the back alley of jakarta's subdistrict on Bajaj last time.

the Crib

we booked Ravarine Suite Apartment, a 2 bedroom apartment which cost us RM200 per night. the unit is part of the City-Home Apartment of Mall of Indonesia (MOI), which is among the big mall in Jakarta. anyway..we were happy as the unit turn out to be a what it is. ah..comfy bed and pillow...

the owner provided all the amenities as per standard what you can get from a good hotel - including the 80 channels on your LCD TV. haha.

anyway. enjoy the pics. 



  1. nice apartment bro. sesuai utk bawak masuk dgn family. mak2 suka masak ni. ;p

    1. John. Yeap. Very nice. Suprise gak tgk actual sebijik cam dalam gambar website. Selesa Hehe. Sgt selesa.


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