Jakarta - the monument, the old city and the malls

the day started late, as expected. we slept around 2am after settled things etc. and that was 3am malaysia time. the comfy bed and aircond, a perfect combination for a sleep like a baby mode. uh.

we went for breakfast hunting around 9am, strolling along the shophouses at the MOI square etc. hoping there'd be something for our tummy. it was a long walk and we ended up back to our apartment lobby. ah..how i forgot, breakfast time in Jakarta was not as heaven as malaysia. 

we ended up having our breakfast at Tea-Garden kopitiam (sounds like originated from malaysia) at the entrance of MOI, the only eatery available, other than nasi padang. 

we hadn't set any plan yet for the day, and breakfast was the only time we started to discuss about it. mall hopping? ancol? mini indonesia?

we took the cab to our first destination of the day - Monas. the cab ride cost us idr48k. the traffic was ok since it was weekend. some facts about monas - from wikipedia

we just made a quick tour around the place, and didn't go with the museum tour etc. it was a hot day to linger around the place. but people seemed to enjoy the moment there, with the street performer dressing like the army, or even 'pocong'. haha. ..'pocong' tengah hari bute kat monas pulak tu..macam2la diaorg neh. 

pardon me. i didn't take the picture...nanti x tido pulak. the make-up looked creepy okeh!

pangeran diponegoro statue.

we spent about 30 minutes at Monas, and then made our way to Fatahilah Square. a cab ride from Monas to Fatahilah, cost us about idr22k. 

the square is the centre of the Kota Tua of Jakarta, with museums and old buildings around it. some facts from tripadvisor:

it was weekend, and the place was full with tourists, particularly locals. there were school kids wandering around, and chasing the bule' tourists for pictures and interview. i overheard that they were doing it for school project or something etc. and of course..orang2 coklat macam aku neh takdela nak di interview ke ape. hahaha...even spek lady gaga aku neh dh cukup stylo.

we had lunch at Djakarte Cafe. the set up was nice with antique stuff and ambient etc. but the food wasn't that good, and it was pricey. the menu indicated the nasi goreng was going to be an epic, but what i got was just an almost cold, and tasteless meal. gosh..i am missing the good indonesian nasi goreng like i had at one of the lesehan at malioboro street of Yogyakarta.

after lunch, we decided to take the cycling tour around kota tua area. since i already tasted the 'fun' of cycling the old-bicycle back when i visited the place in 2010, i decided to be the passenger and had the guide to carry me, while others rode their own bike. haha. sangat kejam...as knowing that the guide, a nice old chap, struggling  to carry a big baby like me, especially when ascending some of the roads around the route. 

it was fun. there were 5 places along the route, where we stopped i.e. Toko Merah, Jambatan Intan, Menara Syahbandar, Muzium Bahari and Sunda Kelapa Port.

we done with our Kota Tua tour, and moved to our next plan - the Malls hopping. well..the intention was to find the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta and buy some mementos. and i recalled from my last visit, the cafe was located at Plaza Indonesia, one of the big-upper-class Jakarta's mall. 

apparently, the taxi driver was a bit clueless when i said  we wanted to go to the Hard Rock Cafe, until i mentioned Plaza Indonesia. 

Plaza Indonesia, more or less is like our Garden or Pavilion, but with only the designers label outlet. this is the place where the upper-class/rich Indonesian seek for retail theraphy. huhu..i don't think i can afford to buy anything from any of the outlets there. oh..one thing for sure, it seems that for all malls in Jakarta, you have got to go through the body scanner, and some times have you bag checked, whenever you want to enter the mall. even the vehicle has to be inspected before entering the premises.

ah.the surau there was big and very comfortable. we had our jama' prayer there and then started to look for the Hard Rock Cafe, and only to know that it was no longer there. gosh...the concierge told us the Hard Rock Cafe already moved to other mall i.e. Pacific Place Mall.

we decided to visit the next door mall, the huge Grand Indonesia, instead of taking a cab to the Pacific Place for the Hard Rock thing. well..that'd be our plan for the next day.

ah..Grand Indonesia, another super/big/huge mall of Jakarta, and i think it has an impressive list of eateries. we stopped for a coffee break at Warung Kopi, inside the Alun-alun Indonesia outlet. the outlet occupied a large space of the mall, selling all indonesian products - batik, crafts etc. and the cafe 'Warung Kopi' serves the so-called Indonesian's authentic food. well...for most, it was not much different compared to what we had, but there are few that stand out.

we had this special 'bubur', pisang goreng and this ubi kayu cecah sambal. hehe..yeap..kat malaysia pun ada menda alah neh. pegi jer kat aseana cafe tu. hehe. 

it was a good break.

we left Grand Indonesia around 6pm and back to our apartment. after a short rest, freshen up ourselves and had our pray, we went out to Mall of Indonesia. ah..it was raining heavily that night, and we were lucky as the apartment has a direct access to the mall. 

anyway, compared to Grand Indonesia or Plaza, MOI is more like our typical shopping mall - perhaps like Berjaya Time Square - it is a big mall and has an indoor theme park.we had our big dinner at Dapur Sunda cafe, which was inside the mall.

we bid farewell to the day/night, after our mission to find reflexology parlour ended with nothing as it was late already.

till then.


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