Jakarta - leaving you

it was short weekend trip, and we already on our last day in Jakarta. but we still had one-whole day available since our return flight would be at 830pm. we asked the owner to check-out from the apartment a bit later i.e. 3pm, but she wouldn't allow it. we had to leave at 12pm....erghh..macam hotel la pulak.

we had breakfast at Tea-Garden Kopitiam again (since it was the only eatery opened for breakfast), and then friend told me, perhaps we could go somewhere to buy souvenirs or batik etc.we decided to go to ITC Mangga Dua instead of Tanah Abang, as the taxi driver told us, it may take some time to arrive Tanah Abang as the some of the main roads in Jakarta Pusat were closed for the 'free-traffic' day.

shopping is not my forte and it was only Yasir who did a quick shopping at ITC Mangga Dua. i think we spent less than 2 hours at the place, and then took a cab back to MOI. it was almost 12pm as we arrived at the apartment, but enough for us to pack all our stuff etc. 

the owner came as per plan, and we left the unit around 1230pm, after settled our errants etc. it was still early for lunch, and since our last night mission to find the reflexology parlour was failed last night, we decided to go to one the of the reflexology parlour near the apartment. 'Lotus Reflexology', occupied the concourse floor of the building, and it was big. i did 1 1/2 hour reflexogy for idr30k!..darn cheap, and it was good session as it included the back and shoulder massage too. 

after that, we left MOI to find Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. and again, the taxi driver has no idea where is the place. Yasir googled and the only info we knew is that the place is nearby Ritz-Carlton Hotel. even my nokia map still pointing the place to its old location  - Plaza Indonesia.

Pacific Place Mall, is located at Jakarta Selatan sub-urban area, and we were at Jakarta Utara. hehe..it was like at the other side of Jakarta. anyway...the area is also known as Sudirman Central Business District, where along the big Jeneral Sudirman Road, you can find  another row of huge-upper-class malls stand, waiting for the rich people of Jakarta to come. hehehe.

anyway, it was quite a hunt to get to the Hard Rock Cafe, as we were not sure about the place, and even our taxi driver has the slightest idea about Pacific Place. he knew that there are two Ritz Carlton Hotels in Jakarta, but was not sure about the mall. but we finally and safely arrived the place.

me: pak, lain waktu..kalau ada tamu mahu ke Hard Rock Cafe, bawa ke sini ya pak. 
taxi driver : iya (sambil sengih)

hehe..betulla kan..tempat femes cam neh susah benar nak cari. but i don't blame them, as i believe it was a 'luxury' thing to go to such place etc. for most people in Jakarta. i remember, back when my visit in 2010, our driver - Dude, told me that he has never been to Plaza Indonesia or Grand Indonesia, and even when he dropped us there, he insisted to wait at the parking lot, until we called him to join us for dinner etc. compared to Malaysia, any malls, even the luxury Pavilion is welcoming everybody to come. apetah lagi Suria KLCC..hehehe.

we did some shopping at the RockShop there. it was small compared to Penang RockShop, and the selection was quite limited.

after that we went to the Pacific Place Mall and had our late lunch there. this time we had at Dapoer Podjok. the food was good. i ordered Rawon (beef soup) meal set.

we had our pray at the surau in the mall, and then met Hafriz's UTP friend, who is currently working there. btw, he is an Indonesian.

after long chat and touring part of the mall, it was almost 5pm already and we decided to leave and go to the airport. Alhamdulillah, the traffic was ok and the journey to the airport was a breeze.

we arrived terminal 3 of the airport and waited for another hours before our flight departed at 830pm.

Next Destination?
we arrived at 1130pm, and rushed for the taxi. ah..the Q was long, and too bad for the Executive Taxi, there was none too. we waited for 30 minutes, and left LCCT around 1230am....and that concludes our journey.

my thought - well..Jakarta probably not the place for me. i don't do shopping that much, i don't appreciate traffic jam etc. but again, it was not a bad place at all. the food was good e.g. :). probably i have not exploring the city as much as it deserves as like pak pancha said - ancol is a good place to go, and perhaps the Thousand Islands? hehe. well..i'll give some thought about that..and in fact i have to, since my parents recently told their interest to visit the city...huhuhu...

till then.


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