Jakarta - dari kuala lumpur ke kelapa gading

the departure

it was a hectic week for me. particularly due to the reason here . the flight re-schedule thing etc. had me only one day window before my departure to jakarta. obviously, the foursquare applauds me with the 'jetsetter' badge because my back-to-back visit to the airport, but it was no fun for me.

since our flight was scheduled at 1030pm, we decided to leave for the airport after maghrib. me and hafriz went to yasir's house, after work to freshen up ourselves and pray. we left the house around 730pm, and was lucky because the rain already stopped (yeap..it was heavily raining earlier).

we took the LRT to KL Sentral, and then opted the KLIA Transit to LCCT. ah..i guess because it was Friday evening, people probably left from work early, hence explained the train was quite empty and we managed to find seats for the 30 minutes journey to Salak Tinggi. and i met Konah (bukan nama sebenar), my work colleague which happened to be behind me when i was looking for the seat in the train. 

the 30minutes journey seemed fast as me and konah talked a lot. our stories from travel to office gossips etc. just fill in the time-gap, until we bid farewell to each other at Salak Tinggi station. it was another 30 minutes bus ride to LCCT from the station.

it was already 9pm as we arrived the LCCT. i guess like everybody else, LCCT is kind a love and hate affair thing. it has been 2 months since the last time i was here, and it never failed to welcome me with the busy-than-ever air. everybody was like everywhere. gosh...i never miss the place. and i wish KLIA2 will be opened sooner than it should, and i hope it'll never be like what the LCCT is now. kate world class epot kan?

anyway, we had our dinner at MarryBrown. the outlet was about to close as the workers started to clean few of the sections and closed it, but we managed to squeeze in and be among the last.

then we departed for jakarta. the flight was on-time. and full that night. probably other than the weekend guests like us, those who works here also going back to the hometown etc.

farah quinn  was on board again, but then i already had my dinner. i had to skip the offer, but putting the dinner with her into my to-do list during my return flight later. hehe...

the arrival

the immigration was smooth. and here we go. my first stamp on my (re)new passport. Jakarta.

we took the bluebird taxi from the airport to our apartment. anyway at the counter;

me : mbak, ke kelapa gading berapa harga nya ? teksi kalau bertiga?
lady : oh..pake' argo
me : blurr..argo?
me : berapa ya harganya (still blur about argo)
lady : 150idr kurang lebih (after she asked her colleague)

apparently, argo was referring to the taxi meter. i noted that as i was conversing with the taxi driver.

taxi driver : pak. mau pake' argo atau langsung kira?
me : argo?
taxi driver : kalau langsung kira... tolnya, airport charge nya, saya biaya terus..harganya idr200k.
me : oh..ok. bolehla. (finally understand..what is argo).

the taxi ride took us to the Jakarta North sub-district, via the highway etc. ah..night seemed early for Jakarta, as the city was still glowing with lights.


we arrived at our apartment an hour later i.e. almost 1am WIB, and that was 2am Malaysia's time. we had to wait for the owner for a while at the apartment lobby. luckily there was a sofa set for us to lay down for a while, while waiting.

the night in Kelapa Gading, specifically at MOI square was still breathing. people was still lingering around (the mall already closed btw.)

finally, a chinese lady entered the lobby and came to us, trying to guess which one was me. hehe. she was cute and polite, and apologise for being late. she took us to the unit and explained the necessary things etc. suddenly our door was knocked. wait? takkan pencegah maksiat kot? hehe...apparently, her mum came..and i think she just wanted to check on her daughter. of course..seeing her alone, taking us, 3 guys to the unit, probably triggered some thoughts. hehe. ibu was welcoming and treated us nice btw.

as they left. we bid farewell to the night and had our sleep. yeap..it was waaay passed our normal bedtime, and it'd be along day tomorrow!



  1. sedap ka ayam bakar fara quinn tu??

    the bed looks super comfortable..

  2. hehe..tak makan pun meng.
    anyway..yeap the bed memang comfy. kira stended 5 hotel gak aa apartment neh nye amenities.

  3. salam ziarah...next trip boleh la nooo roger2 aku...haha

  4. HangDhamin. salam too. haha..bole2 next time roger2.


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