i dream of tessar*

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i spent too much time surfing and reading about the 'delicious' 16-70mm f4 ZA last night. apparently the lens already arrived our shore, and the only copy that i found so far, available at YLCamera bench. and it is at a discounted price vs. RRP.

it is a zeiss with a fixed f4 (not much), hence, explain the 'legs and arms' price tag. i saw few pictures taken with the lens, and i realized that i've been missing the wonderful colour of T*coating, all of this while. i mean, being a loyal and avid orange/alphanatics, not having at a zeiss seems an odd. i was close to get the 16-80mm back when i bought the 16-105mm DT.

with my plan to bring the only or all-rounder lens for my nex 7 for my upcoming trip, the arrival of this lens may be able to answer my 'needs'. but the price, ermm...

if it'll be the ultimate lens for my nex system, i thought, may be i should 'get rid' the other lens that i may not be using much once i have the 16-70mm - the pancake, the kit and the sigma. shashinki offers the platform to sell the 2nd hand items, and perhaps if all of these 3 lens sold, i will be able to cover some 'losses' when i decide to buy the 16-70mm.

things went for a while, and i almost put an order for the lens.

and the un-decided situation, evolved into a dream for me. my argument with myself to buy or not to buy, staged in my rem-cycle, like a Billy Elliot broadway, and i was almost sure that i bought it, before the Minions started bugging me with the Banana song.

period. it was only a dream.


  1. agip, tak nak try survey di Jakarta..mana tau sana lebih murah harganya..

  2. meng : haha..kaan kalau la dapat mmg mantopp.

    zilla : good suggestion. lgpun global/worldwide shipping starts 13th october..prolly after that baru banyak kedai bole usha. hehe.

  3. yupp, usha dulu..biasanya harga di jakarta jauh lebih murah berbanding di sini..mana tau ada rezeki, boleh bergaya sakan dgn lensa baru hehehe...


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