Haven't Met (You) Yet ... cont.

finally. the last 5-episodes marathon complete and they have revealed the mrs. ted mosby, just before everybody board for the wedding of the year at farhampton.

i think the last 2 episodes depicted quite a deep conclusion, on no matter what ted's been doing, he'll not able to move on in total, because he's clinging on the past - robin sparkle 

i heart the series. minus barney's overdose perversion. (still can't accept the fact this bloke is a gay in real life).

with the 9th and finale season coming, i'm gonna miss a lot of legend.....wait for it...dary moments that filling the air for the past few years... ah...it was like saying good bye to Friends (even i was not a follower).

anyway. good thing seems always has to end. but sure, its end always a beginning of something new.


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