going nowhere

Uluwatu, Bali, 2009

last night

it was already 730pm. me and lil' sis already on the way to the airport. we made a stop at the gas station as i need to withdraw some cash for my late night cab later. as done, we continued our ride to the airport. 

i already did the web check-in, so no fuss for me to get in line for the check-in at the counter. as usual, with 3 planes leaving that night, the airport was always cheerful, with the passengers and the families. i decided to go straight to the departure hall and waiting inside there. i mean, getting there early means i could save some space for myself.

but the door was not opened yet. how weird, as normally it already opened. i waited at the bench nearby, while playing jewel-hunter on my lumia. the crowd started to fill in the hall, and since we are still in the 'raya' mode, seemed there were lot of families with kids and babies leaving with the plane that night.

ah. the door was opened already, and i walked to the scanner. leaving all my stuff on the conveyor, and let the officer did the body check as my belt gave the sound as i passed the body scanner. good. there were plenty of seats as most people were yet to enter the hall, and i found myself a nice spot, to lay down my ass and my bag. 

i tuned my ipod and let the time flew while waiting for the departure.

it was time already. and since this time, there were lot of families and kids, i got to wait longer before allowed to the plane. ah...one thing that i found quite annoying about how they handled things at the airport is - they didn't sort the passengers to board the plane based on the seat rows i.e. they just let everybody queue, and enter the plane (except for the families with kids, disabled, veterans, which allowed to board first). it was irritating some times, to pass through the crowd, with this kind of arrangement. if you got what i mean.

lately, i always chose the window seat, instead of aisle, as i care less to rush with the crowd when leaving the plane. and i found it is irritatingly annoying to found anybody hijacking my seat, and then can't hardly wait to leave the plane later. people..please..get a rabbit.

i already on my seat, and there were 2 ladies next to me; one with a baby (oh tuhan...). all the guest already on board, and we were waiting to hear the announcement etc. from the crew - the safety briefing, the welcome on-board etc.

i pull my earphones and started to listen to my ipod instead, and waiting for the plane to move from the gate. but nothing happened. 

everybody started to wonder, what was going on. well...with the air-cond not at full blast yet, being in the confined space with 100+ people, everybody started being grumpy. the crew did not announce anything yet. and i waited, till i was into my rem cycle. 

i was asleep. and only to know that the plane was yet to leave the place, as i opened my eyes. it was almost an-hour already. what the heck?

suddenly we saw a guy in a black jacket, sort of announcing something at the front, and the guests at the front row started to leave the plane. the stewardess at the back of the plane were asked by the guests, but only came to answer ' i'm sorry sir, i'm also not so sure what is going on'.

well...can't your colleagues at the front tell things using the pa system on board? 

we were told that there was a technical problem with the plane, and they were trying to fix the things. we were asked to wait at the departure hall. so we went back to the hall.

ah. the status updaters now started to take pics using their laptop and tweeting and fb'ing the situation. aiyoo people..buck up!

it was late already. and it was 2-hours beyond the departure time already. the crew served water at the front counter. and people started to ask things etc. i care less as i was sleepy already. it was already 11pm, and i should've arrived at KL Sentral already, usually.

finally, the guy with the black jacket came and announcing that the flight was grounded from flying due to the technical issues. we were given options either to wait for the next replacement flight, or change our flight to other next available flight, or cancel the trip, all at FOC (of course!) and we were provided the accommodation at the primula resort for the night. 

i decided to call ayah and pick me up. i'd come again on the next morning (today).


i went to the airport at 9am. the sales-office lady told me that i could go straight to the check-in counter and asked for morning flight, if it was still available. i was put on stand by queue and waited for 15 minutes. the lady that arrange my case then came and asked me to go to the counter and check my boarding pass.   

it was 15minutes before the departure time. and there was a guy in front of me, with never ending business at the counter. for sake...get your butt off, i just want to check my pass.

next counter, suddenly came a lady with her luggage and asking the staff to check in. i think the staff were a bit confused and messed up, as they got to deal with the last night case, standby case and this late comers case. he just told the lady that the flight was full already. and suddenly this lady making a fuss saying that it was unfair if her seat was released to the stand by. if my understanding was right, my words to her would be ' you are already late for the check in, and by right if know u gonna be late..why didn't u do the web check in etc. ? nak marah2 staff pulak...

i believe the company has right to release the seat once you already beyond the check-in time, which is
30minutes if not mistaken. but she was lucky as the airlines staff willing to help and opened back the system etc. and managed to get her boarding pass. 

two of them already settled their biz, and it left me with my flight status. the officer told me that the flight was fully booked and i will be put on the next plane - fireflyz. he asked me the boarding pass from the cancelled flight, but i already gave to the lady-staff earlier. and as i about to leave the counter, the staff quoted my name and it happened that i got a seat to board on the plane already and my boarding pass, all the while was on the table.

hadoiii...drama betul 2 ekor passenger in front of me neh. kan dah delay my simple biz. erghhhhh.

luckily, i didn't miss my flight. 
and i'm finally, safely arrive home this afternoon. but then again, i had to take an (emergency) leave today, all of because this fuss. rugii rugii...


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