going Kathmandu (p0.7) - counting days

pardon me. this is an interlude for Jakarta's entry.

i am not in the good state of mind to write about our days there, due to my health problem at the moment.i catch the flu bug since last 2 days, and hoping to get better and better, since the trip is around the corner. i can't afford to go and trekking with this. huhuhu..doa doa kan...ye. 

the updates so far

1. after 2 weeks of hibernation, i managed to slot in 2 running sessions, thanks to the good weather. KL has been gloomy for the past few weeks, and whenever there's sun shining, i have to take the opportunity. gotta to re-instate the fitness level. never thought it was that hard, i only managed to do 2 laps full run on both sessions. it was not about my breathing, but both my legs. probably because i am on the goodfeet 'treatment'. 

2. Nuang's edition - the plan to hike nuang gotta be canceled due to both reasons - my family has been around and we got plan etc. , and my health did not permit me.

3. Tessar* - ah...my latest sin. i guess this will be the one and only lens i'll bring for the trekking. i'm still waiting for the 10-stop ND filter, which i hope will arrive before the trip. anyway, when i looked at back the time of transaction, it was almost midnight, and my sub-conscious mind worked hard to drag me full filling my dream for Tessar*. hahaha. well..the damage is done...and it snowballs actually - the filters ain't cheap too. huhu.

4. the check list, here we go!

  • KL-Kathmandu-KL AAX return flight
  • Flight seats, luggage and food
  • Passport renewed
  • Kathmandu - Pokhara - Yeti return flight (Yeti Air)
  • Itinerary as recommended by Above Himalaya
  • Training 5km jog - ok done for now, and i guess i just rest for the next few days.
  • Annual leave approved
  • Extra batteries for Nex 7 - haha..i'm bringing 4 batteries this time, knowing that the route may not have the lux for electricity.
  • Travel insurance - worldnomads
  • AAX flight check in
  • Boarding passes print out
  • Document print out - itinerary, YetiAir voucher
  • VOA form + passport pictures
  • Final budget + money exchange (USD)
  • Trekking equipment + clothing check
ah...seems a lot to be done for the next 2 days. i hope i won't miss anything important. gotta do last communication with AboveHimalaya before departure. and also - out of office note! hehe...gosh..it happened that the past few days, the ad-hoc tasks suddenly rolling into my bucket and i was like - what the heck? 

am off now for a quick nap. hoping my afternoon will be free of flu. till then ...


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