going Kathmandu (p0.6) - the hunting gear(s)

warning : it is not about the gear kereta, gear box or sup gearbox. yang nie semua bole cari kat workshop and kedai kak timah sup sebelah dia. it is about my photography gears.

being a photog-trekker/traveller for the past few years, i always found myself over-prepared when it comes to packing my camera bag. i feel like bringing everything in my dry-box/cupboard, including my old film camera. but then i'm not bruce weber or nigel baker with assistants that can help to carry the portable studio, while only having my leica M hanging. uhhh.

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pardon. i don't know what's the name of this kind of habit. but fortunately it only happened when it comes to my photography gear. i don't have much fuss when it comes to clothes etc. since i don't normally dress voguely when travelling while rolling my LV luggage macam RCW dalam instagram dia..hahah..eh name pun backpacker separa pprt kan?

my earlier trip, like to siem reap, despite i managed to trim down the check list by bringing only my alpha a700 and 18-250mm borrowed from zam, i brought the 2kg manfrotto tripod with me. and the ladies called it 'ampaian' since setting it up, was like opening the the 'ampaian' etc. but i was lucky as we traveled most of the time with private car/van and the it was fully utilised, as we had lots of group photos. 

but the 2kg manfrotto not even served me once, when i brought it to Bali in 2009, but then again, luckily it could stay all the time in Yanto's car.

when i was preparing for my Kinabalu hiking, i was torn to decide what to bring again. the group said - beb bawakla tripod tu...suruh porter bawak..bole kite amik gambar kat atas.. sweat already and they don't know how was it carrying the extra 2kg, particularly when hiking. huhuhu.

ok. so i decided no manfrotto 190B this time. only a backpack. but again, i couldn't decide whether to just bring my 16-105mm, or to bring other specialised like the 105mm macro or the 35mm, which i drool for the bokehness etc. and then it came into my mind, my gears would not only the things to be in my backpack, but others like the personal first-aid kit, raincoat/cover, bottled drinks, energy bars etc.  see? things snowballed and i couldn't have enough.

now with all the boos and booze, my backpack officially weighed at almost 3kg, and that what i was carried when i hiked Datuk, Nuang and Kinabalu. seemed pretty ok with that, but am not sure for this poon hill trekking, am gonna survive as the trip will be longer.

so what i have plan in my bag at the moment.

1. nex 7 body - my ultimate machine for time being.

2. alpha a700 body - eventhough with nex 7 already in the picture, i have the option to ditch this workhorse. but then, i missed shooting with it. the feeling is different. i mean, the AF is far too superior vs. my nex, and then my bokeh lens are only A-mount, not e-mount.

3. lenses
  • for nex7 - i haven't decided which to bring. either go wide with the pancake like i did during my East Java 2.0, or bring the 18-55mm for my flexibility, or i should go with the siggy? ah...the good thing about E-mount lenses, they are light. anyway...i was hoping the dreamy zeiss 16-70 f4 will arrive the shore earlier, so i can decide...and it'll be definitely my ultimate lens. it is wide enough, long enough, and fast enough...and it is a zeiss...arghhh. (berdoa dalam hati...pasrah)
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  • for a700 - i couldn't decide too. but most probably, i'll go with the 16-105mm and 35mm. 
4. spare batteries and chargers - i have 2 set of batteries for both. but i'm worried whether that'll be sufficient, particularly during the 4d3n trekking? i'm expecting, it'll be hard to charge the batteries along the way, and knowing that i am a freak when it comes to snapping, the batteries may not survive for more than 2 days (1-day each), particularly my nex7 due to the default use on the LCD and EVF. hmm... there has been no option on charging these batteries via power bank like other gadget, and it seems i have to get another 3rd party spare battery (ies) soonest. i just don't want to regret, if i missed anything good there, just because my batteries flat! huhu.

5. cleaning kit - okeh. no issue with this.

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6. tripod - should bring one? definitely a no for my manfrotto 190B, but i may consider to bring (buy) the light ones for my nex7.
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7. filters - ah...thinking of buying the ND for long shutter effect...bole try2 efek kat Phewa lake neh...

ah..did i miss anything?


  1. byk sgt bawak gear bag kang terlupa bawak baju.....

  2. Pengalaman travel di kawasan pendalaman mmg sukar nak bawa byk barang camera.. tapi kalau tak bawak rugi la pulak.. so all the best :D

    Salam Kenal.. :D

  3. Time Traveller...totally agree. hehe..kena prepare apa yg patut kan.

    salam kenal jugak. u r blessed dapat cover afrika...yg masih dlm my bucket list.


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