going Kathmandu (p0.5) - the checklist

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ok. what has been done so far
  • KL-Kathmandu-KL AAX return flight
  • Flight seats (gotta be on the side where you can see himalayas!)
  • Passport renewed
  • Kathmandu - Pokhara - Kathmandu return flight (Yeti Air)
  • Poon Hill trekking package - paid 20% deposit and confirmed dates with Above Himalaya
  • Itinerary as recommended by Above Himalaya
  • Training - 5km jogging on regular basis + Bukit Lalang hiking
  • Annual leave approved! yeay..sayang boss. hahaha
remaining things to do:
  • Luggage + in flight food/meal
  • Travel insurance
  • Final budget + exchange money
  • Equipment + clothing check
  • Extra batteries for Nex7 and A700
  • One last hiking - Nuang?
and i'm counting days...huhuhu


  1. agip, blh tak kalau nak kirim poskad & stamp??tak nak p, dpt layan poskad pun jadilah..buat bakar semangat hehehe

  2. haha...bole zilla. nanti roger2 ye. i try pos dari sana :)

  3. haha..tq agip.nanti sya pm address :D


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