i guess Allah want to test me again. how i mend during the hard time. how i deal things.

this is going to be my busy week, with the assessment coming this thursday and my paper presentation this wednesday, i haven't managed to get myself into the right speed, mind and mood for such.

and at the same time, the family matters, knocking my door and i have to deal with.

i am the 2nd child, but i am always the eldest in the family, as being the eldest son. like mum always told me.

disguise in blessing, it has been quite an obligation.

i have to be the example, i have to be like everything. and i have to be perfect. from the eyes, not only my parents, but everybody around our family.

perfection drives me mad. i don't have the option to do mistakes, like my other siblings. it is tiring.



  1. Assalam
    I totally feel you..penat kan bila semua org expect nothing less than perfection from you.Cuma ingat yang you are just perfect the way you are :)

  2. "i guess Allah want to test me again.." ~ anda insan terpilih, strong, ok..Insyallah, pasti manis ganjarannya nanti :)

  3. farra - tq. will take note that. yeap..we are perfect the way we are. :)

    zilla - tq. pardon the rambling. hehe. just some of days like these, when you have enough on the plate to chew, something more come in.

    time2 macam ni rasa nk capai beg and pegi bekpek somewhere jer. hehe


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