mission (cont.)

paper presentation yesterday happened to be below my expectation. i thought i was prepared for the session, as i wrote the paper and understand it very well.. but as the clock started, i felt like my speech was all over the place. ah...i blame for lack of proper communication in this language for quite some time. as what nazmi said, 'we should have #ohMyEnglishDay', as we feel that we don't speak properly these days. and it impact us whenever we have to do it. 

anyway, i'm just  hoping that it'll deserve a recognition. it is our hardwork.

and today it started early for me. i arrived the car park as the 'panggilan hangit' finished on air. i decided to stop at the kopi mahal and grab my salted mocha, but the c-lady in front of me took her sweet time with her errants and credit card etc. while i was in rush to get to the office for my last-moment to glance on my notes. and i walked away from the counter, cursing in heart, the c-lady just spoiled my mood.

i arrived at the office and managed to do some quick revision before went to level 36. i waited for the assessors for a while and had the chat with the sessions facilitator. the session started around 835am. i guess it went well, and better than i expected. they both didn't put much pressure on me to answer them perfectly, as long as they gauge the understanding. 

hmm... i guess cheol now, these days, seems to be nicer to me. probably he didn't know or notice me much back when i was with the department before.

they were not as 'helpful' as what mahmood used to be when he assessed me, but still lead me to find the way to my answer. i even got the opportunity to find get back to them via email on the things that i couldn't answer perfectly. hehe.

Alhamdulillah...two big things already settled. hope both will give good results.


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