life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p6)

i looked at the watch, and it passed the sunrise time already. despite the disappointment, i decided to get off the bed and grab my camera, because it was still early, and i might be lucky. i went to the resort's rocky beach, and saw the sun already rose, but felt it still could make a good picture.

breakfast was good. this time we had nasi lemak and fried mee (wait...macam maggi jer). hehe. Johnny came and asked again whether i wanted to have lunch at the resort, but we declined. it was not worth to pay rm30 per pax, for a limited buffet. btw...we had to check out by 9am, as they need to prepare the room for the next guest (well...check in time is after lunch time), and i tried to ask for late check out since we going back by plane, not by the early morning boat/ferry to kuala terengganu. as expected, they couldn't allow us, and said we can just leave our bag at the cafe etc. 

it was 10am, and we already checked out from our room and dropped the key at the counter. we going to the airport at 2pm, hence got plenty of time. but we packed our stuff and return our gear already, hence the plan to go for another swim/snorkel at the beach in front of the resort was canceled. we decided to lie down on the chair and hammock, and let ourselves into our own moment of peace ... sempat tertido dibuai angin ombak laut china selatan...

but how long could we stand, doing nothing and let ourselves like that? hehe. we decided to go for another walk along the Pasir Panjang beach, and hunting for early lunch. like the days before, the beach seemed quite after the morning ferry trip, as most guests either waiting to check in at their resort, or went for the morning snorkeling trip.

from what i noticed, most of the resorts, if not all, in Redang, provided full board package to the guests and only big resorts i think have the room-only package etc. most of the cafe's that we went, hunting for lunch, provided only buffet lunch, since they are catering for the package. one of the cafe that we went allow outside customer to join the buffet lunch at price of rm40, which is better compared to Redang Reef, due to its wide selection of food. but we were not in mood for buffet, and asked the staff of Redang Beach Resort whether we could have a'la carte, and she showed us the Rainforest cafe. walla!..finally.

lunch was good! but pardon, i forgot the how much we had to pay, but it was less than paying rm30 for the buffect (of course!). it was only three of us, as the cafe don't normally received customer due to the buffet lunch included in the hotel's package, i guess. but the cafe also sell cakes, coffee etc. for those who wanted to just having a bite there. service was fast and we didn't wait long for our hot-meals.

we went back to Redang Reef, and saw there was a small boat already parked in front of the resort's beach. probably it'd be ours. we went to see Johnny, and yes, we were right, it was the boat that'd take us to the Kampung Jetty. we got our stuff and then bid farewell to the resort and Pasir Panjang beach.

the ride was bumpy...really bumpy, with the boat-kids (yeah..they were kids), that drove the boat were on high adrenaline, i guess. it was about 30 minutes journey to Kampung Jetty.

so Kampung Jetty, is actually the gateaway to the Redang Island locals, as here where the village is. Pasir Panjang now seemed to be an invaded part of the island (commercially), compared to the calmness of the local village here. there are only 2 resorts here, both owned by Berjaya.  we waited for a while for our van/taxi came to get us to the airport. here, there was tarmac road  that connects the jetty to the airport and also Berjaya resorts.

we arrived early at the airport and had our pray at the surau there. then while waiting for the counter to open for check in, we went to the only shop there, and bought some souvenirs there. ah..actually you can buy Redang's mementos at the hotels/resorts shops at Pasir Panjang beach too, with More-more Tea Inn offered the widest range of goodies to select. price? is an island, and expect to pay more than rm5 for a fridge magnet.

the counter finally opened. ah...apparently only three of us and one malay family, that looked like the only locals that flying that day. the staff at the check-in counter made a voice when saw my address ' hoh...orang 'ganu! duk batu burok '. i just smiled and didn't carry on the remark into a conversation. yeah..the queue was still long.

that was my first time flying via Berjaya Air. it cost me rm250 for one-way. i think the ATR was the same size as what fireflyz ATR is. comfy and they provided drinks and snacks, like fireflyz.

Bon voyage Redang! the flight to Subang Airport was about 1hour, and we arrived at almost 5pm. we splitted there, as faiz went back straight as his wife arrived and waited already, while me and hafriz waiting for our cab.

that concludes our short break to Redang island.
tbc...(ade lagi!)


  1. buat watermark kat gambo bro... gambo batu tu comey ngak ngak

  2. meng...honestly,aku x gheti n x tergugle care2 watermark neh. ade care pantas?

  3. pakai photoscape jer...


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