life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p1)

everything is complimentary!

this is an overdue entry. it was a short weekend trip, before Ramadhan. and all was planned within less than 3 weeks, and of course yours truly had to be the one in charged. after emailing almost all of the resorts/hotels in Redang, finally received a confirmation on vacancy at Redang Reef. other resorts/hotels were fully booked on the date that we wanted to go. so this is the price that we got. what we got with the price was the standard package like other resorts offer - 3 snorkelling trip, full board menu (BLD and coffee break)and ferry from and to Shahbandar Jetty.

anyway, i don't want to generalise, but i feel that most of the operators in Redang are arrogant. well...for a start, all of the mentioned above was treated as 'complimentary' by them. meaning, if you opted not take it, there'll be no refund whatsoever. i saying this because, two of my friends decided to fly via Berjaya to the island, and all 3 of us went back to KL via plane too. 

we asked the package price without the ferry trip and as i mentioned, it was treated as 'complimentary' substitute. in fact, we had to pay more to arrange for the boat from pasir panjang beach to the jetty near the airport, and also the van/taxi for airport-jetty-airport.another rm100 for both trip per pax.  i see how this race monopoly the business there?  i thought they'd substitute the ferry tickets with this, but the sales person (they passed me to a malay lady as i spoke in bahasa) said she couldn't do discount etc. whatsoever.

that was a bad start for the trip, but since we were too eager to go,  we just bear the hatred, hoping things'd get better once we stepped our feet on the paradise. hhuhu... okeh..enjoy teaser dulu...

till then....


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