life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p7)

a brief summary of my opinion on Redang Island.

generally, i like it. well... i could have loved it, but there were lot of things that did not go well, as what i've been ranting throughout the entries.

1. the 'complimentary' treatment. i'm not trying to generalize, but the way the resort treat all the inclusives seemed to be like that - particularly when we decided not to take the transport from and to kuala terengganu as we took the flight. there was no replacement, and instead, we had to pay additional for the transfer to and fro the redang airport. every snorkeling trip happened in a glance, the snorkeling gear was not working well for me despite paying more for the power mask, the life jacket was old, even though still working. hmm...and for food, you'd have to stick to what's included in the package..and there was limited option on going a'la carte. i heard they have stalls etc. in Perhentian etc.

2. snorkeling trip - despite the bad experience at the marine park and my annoyance on the short-trip, the underwater world here was nothing short from breathtaking. the reefs/corals seemed healthy and looks much better from what i'd seen in tioman (well..probably with the help of my power mask). i wish we could have the option to arrange things by ourselves, but from what i noticed, there was no independent trip provider like in tioman or perhentian, where you can arrange the trip at your own. correct me if i'm wrong. the reason i brought this up, because i don't think it is worth going to the marine park, only to experience being slapped by lot of hands and legs etc., on top of the dead corals.

3. the place, specifically the long stretch of Pasir Panjang beach seemed to be too developed, to my taste. with the open bars, and the andy lau's clan singing too loud, it couldn't be more annoying (i repeat). i missed the calmness and life pace of tioman or even amed/lovina in Bali. and in fact, the place felt too 'oriental', as most of the groups of people the went there were/are them. so does the resort operators etc. pardon me, they were all over the place, talking loud in their language etc. and dressed with the feeling of alvin and vivian.

three (3) is enough as i don't want to give the impression that it is a bad place to go for a breakaway. it is a still beautiful island, and i'd would recommend if you have extra money to go to Berjaya(s) or redang kalong, if you are seeking for a truly island breakaway.

anyway, just shut your ears, forget my rantings, swim and enjoy the underwater world is a paradise.... 


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