life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p5)

the afternoon nap on the hammock, under the shade and at the windy beach, was so good. felt sleeping like a baby there.before we knew, it was already time for the afternoon snorkeling trip. the boatmen again made a roll-call, visiting the room-block calling everybody as what he did in the morning. 

so, there we were, on the boat again. we passed the marine park, and thought we going somewhere further - like small island at open sea!...but the boat made a turn..and walla...we arrived already. the snorkeling spot this time was at the back of the Pulau Pinang (?) and facing the open sea. it was good to know that the place was not as pack as the marine park, hence we got a better snorkeling experience. but i happened could not enjoy the snorkeling as my snorkeling mask now, kept fogging up. i had to open and rinse again and again. sigh. talk about a cheap one.

compare to Pulau Kerengga, the corals weren't that impressive. but friends said closer to the island, they saw eels and baby shark, if not mistaken. my shoulder and back, still swollen, and i couldn't and dare not to swim far from the boat, so i missed the good things about the place. 

it started to shower lightly when we were about to leave the place. but it happened just around the island, as it was bright and sunny as we arrived at our resort. we straight headed to the 'dining hall' for the tea break, and this time we had fried mee. nice!

again, we went to beach  in front of the resort and had another snorkeling.

i decided to keep it short, as i didn't want to hurt my body again. friends still swimming, and i went back to the room and cleaned up myself. it was around 6pm already, and i decided to climb the rock and enjoy the vista of the cape and bay from there. berpeluh jugak! anyway, i was joined by hafriz, as faiz still wanted to swim.

dinner time and it was not bbq night anymore. the menu was just so so and i think that was the first time, i rated the food just edible to eat, not that tasty. i barely finished the meal. (meng..ko tengok yg ni selera x?)

after the dinner, we went back to the room and had our pray first, and then went for a walk seeing the night life of Pasir Panjang beach. ah..i didn't bring my camera this time, pardon for no picture. we ended our night with a foot massage at Laguna (seems the only place that offered that service). pricey it was.

ah...and i had a good sleep that night.



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