life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p4)

it was dawn, and i was only about to enter my rem cycle, after the longest night of my life, struggling with the swollen-muscle etc. and i missed the sunrise. friends just let me sleep, since they knew what i'd been through. but as usual, if already wake up for subuh, of course, i couldn't close my eyes anymore.i just lay down on the bed, wondering, whether to go or not for the 'complimentary' morning snorkeling. 

ah...i forgot to tell that we went for a short walk the night before, strolling along the Pasir Panjang beach, and 'watching' the nightlife of the island. felt like being in hong kong, perhaps..with all the open bars there, tuning into the andy lau's and friends' songs. 

the More-more Tea Inn
Bubble Tea - mahal dowh! 

it was 8am already, and we cleaned up ourselves and went to the 'dining hall' for breakfast.  breakfast was fried meehoon/bihun today. not bad...i guess among the good things about redang reef, the food is good, eventhough simple and limited of choice. drinks, bread, kaya and butter were on free-flow. 

finally, i decided to join the morning snorkeling trip. and the destination was 'Redang Marine Park'. we grabbed our life jacket and snorkeling gear, and waited in front of the dive shop. we were supposed to go around 930am, as what they wrote on the white board.

ah...siang menda ni cam klaka...malam creepy pulak...tgk ikan ada kaki..
 ah..the boatmen called us already, and asked everybody to follow him. before that he made a trip to the room-block and shouting/calling everybody for the morning snorkeling trip. our boat was parked a bit far this time. it was at the jetty behind the hill at the back of the resort, and nearby the Laguna Redang.

the trip to Marine Park, took longer than what we had yesterday as the place is a bit further up. i think it was about 30 minutes boat ride and then we arrived the place. 

 it was still early, hence not many people around yet. we went for a walk first, along the short stretch of Pulau Pinang, where the Marine Park located.  as we got to the place where our group was gathered, i started to see more and more boats arriving at the jetty and saw more and more people coming. gosh... and within a breath, the beach and the water was full like PD during the holiday. 

same like Tioman Marine Park that i went last year, the water is a conservation area for marine life and i think due to the overwhelming number of visitors with a lot of diseases, snorkeling here ain't that fun, except for feeding the fish. there were lot of dead corals. and for my case, i saw legs and hands, as much as i saw the fishes. oh...i even got slapped by others that did their butterfly stroke there.

ah...i still felt the pain, on my shoulder and back. and i didn't dare to swim/paddle that hard. but i was slowly taken by the current if i were not controlling myself. hence, i decided to stop the session and back to the beach. gosh! the people seemed doubled compared to what i saw before i went to the water! keruhla air tu...

as expected, it was a short session (better! as i didn't enjoy it). we were called by our boatmen to our boat.

we decided to wait for lunch, when arrived at the resort. lunch was served at 12pm and today's menu as below. well..we were hungry, so my verdict that the meal was tasty, probably biased. hehe.

after lunch...time tido lah. haha. the hammocks and chairs were emptied, so we lay down for an afternoon nap. waiting for our next snorkeling trip.



  1. hahah confirm snorkelling sondol sondol bontot org

    1. Haha meng. X sanggup nk highlight walaupun rasenye terjadi. Tp part kena terajang n tampar tu hangin gak aku. Terus majuk naek ke beach. Hehe


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