life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p3)

i was greeted by Johnny, yes... i spelled it as the english name coz i don't know either just Joni, Jony or whatever. a chinese guy with a blonde hair, and spoke in terengganu accent. yes. i do understand him. he was surprised too knowing that i was alone, and i had to explain again about my other friends that'd be arriving via the jet plane later. and then he asked whether we had arranged the transportation from the airport to the resort. what a bummer. last time when i spoke with the resort office, they made it sound like you can easily arranged it once you arrived the island. apparently it was not. Johnny told me that it is better to arrange it upfront, and cost is rm50 per pax for one way - the boat ride to the jetty and the land transfer to the airport.  Johnny gave me a short briefing on the package - when to eat, when to go for the 'complimentary' snorkeling trip etc.

anyway, the room was not readied yet. and guest only check in during the lunch time. i decided to leave my bag at the restaurant and looked around. even though, the resort is located at the end of the long stretch of the Pasir Panjang beach, it is at the best spot, i guess. 

the resort situated at the rocky part of the beach, where the on the other side, it has a short stretch of own beach, facing the open sea. the small bay where the boat landing in the picture above, is just a short swim from the reefs and corals.

the lunch would be another hour, so does my friends arrival. i decided to walk along the Pasir Panjang beach in the middle of the day. it was pretty quite, as i think most guests were on the morning snorkeling trip. i was bored, then decided to go back to the resort, and hoping the hammock at the beach on the other ends free for me to lay down. but, it was not. a group of people already there. hence i decided to just wait at the resort cafe, waiting for the lunch.

it was lunch time already, and people just came back from the morning 'complimentary' snorkeling trip and queuing for the buffet. my friends still had not arrived, and i decided to take the food first. felt like in a dining hall, the do's and don'ts that the resort imposed, but i was fine. the food choice only few (despite the price that Johnny quoted me - rm30 if not mistaken per pax), but was tasty to my standard. 

Friends finally arrived as i was about to eat. hehe. for a start, they told me that they were lucky as there was a van going to the jetty from the airport, and they joined another couple for a boat trip to the Pasir Panjang beach. it cost them rm55...well we assumed the van-driver marked up the price. 

after checked-in, had our pray, and short rest, we then went to rent our snorkel set and the life jacket. a friend brought his, and only rent the life jacket. for me, i had to go with the power mask which cost me rm25 for the whole 3d2n trip, and another friend rent a normal mask at rm15. we then just mingled around the dive-centre there while waiting for the boat men called us for the afternoon 'complimentary' snorkeling trip.

gosh..there were about 30 20++ of us for the afternoon trip. ramaiiii...erghh.. sharp at 230pm, the boatmen called us to the boat, which was parked at the water in front of the long stretch of Pasir Panjang, instead of in front of the resort. well..because it was a big boat.

we had to walk down and then into the water, before we could reach the boat. luckily, i had my stuff already in my waterproof bag, as some did not expect that water was deeper than my height at where the boat was parked. there was a bit of struggle, to get into the boat from the water, but all of us managed to do it, including the uncles and aunties. hehe.

we were then taken to our first (and only) destination for the afternoon trip and it was near Pulau Kerengga. it took us about 20minutes boat ride, before we could dip ourselves into the water. Wow! i was amazed, the corals and reefs there were amazingly beautiful. perhaps, it was my first time after long time, to snorkel with power mask, hence able to see clearly the underwater. but suddenly, as i felt the salty water started to fill my nose...gosh..the mask was leaked. and i had to surface back and then clear the water. i had to do this frequently...and the longest that i could be in the water was less than 5 annoying aite?

i decided to go back to the boat, to take my lumix camera and the waterproof bag that i bought for the trip, as i felt it could be such a waste if i did not capture the beautiful moment there. however, as i got on to the boat and trying to set up the camera and the bag, i saw everybody started to get out from the water. what? it was time already..and i thought we were going for another location, but actually..we were going back to the resort already. i was only about 30-40 mins session that we had... tak puas kooot. they said the afternoon session is between 230-400pm...well..considering the boat trip already to 40 minutes to and from the place, we were left with only less than 1 hour for the snorkeling trip at a location. eghh...apa neh? hmm pendam perasaan jerlah...

we went straight for the tea-break after arriving at the resort. and menu that day was banana and sweet potato fritters. nice...and we ate a lot, since all the energy was drained already (walaupun kejap jer snorkel). hehe...

it happened that in front the resort (as i mentioned earlier), was also a snorkeling spot. so that was quite a compensation for us, after annoyed with the short 'complimentary' snorkeling trip to Pulau Kerengga earlier. and we spent almost 2 hours, snorkeling around the area. well it was not as spectacular as what i saw in Pulau Kerengga, but it was good. i even saw a baby shark!. hehe. anyway, i managed to change my leaked power mask with other one.

the water was shallow, and i saw people snorkel with fin, and even stepped on the corals. sigh...

we stopped when it was almost 7pm and then cleaned up ourselves for dinner. yeap...dinner was served at 7pm  - 830pm only. it was bbq nite. it was good. but i didn't enjoy much, because we didn't have much choice like what others told - bbq in redang was heaven with plenty of choices of seafood. i don't recall we had any fish other than fish balls. what was on plate, as below...and that was all what the staff put on our plate from the buffet. where does the fish? the fresh prawn, squid etc.?

while eating, i started to feel something wrong with my shoulder and back muscle. i started to worry, as i had that kind of experience when i was undergoing sea-survival training back then, when i had to paddle using my hand etc. and i did use a lot of my hand when snorkeling earlier.

and as expected, i had the longest night of my life, struggling with the muscle-swollen pain all over my back and shoulder, even i had few salon-pas all over my back. i couldn't sleep and  even lie down as my back was too hurt. i had to sit down and holding the pillow and let my self into the rem slowly...each time i tried to lie down. friend woke up in the middle of the night as asked to massage my back, but i resist as it'd cause the pain getting worse, and i knew it because each time i tried to stretch my hand or even move a bit, it was so painful...i almost cried in silent that night...and even thought of going to ask for emergency help. huhu.

the pain was getting worst and i had to bear it again and again. finally...i managed to lie down and sleep when it was almost dusk...



  1. sedap pulak aku tgk nasik goreng tuh

  2. hehe..sedap gakla meng for hostel standard.


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