life's a beach ... a redang breakaway (p2)

the day finally arrived. i decided to fly back to teratak iman first, and then take the morning ferry to the island on the next morning. ayah bought me my all-time favorite - pulut gaul nyior for my breakfast that day and also for the trip takeaway. yummeh!

redang reef told me that i i had to be at the jetty by 8am...and i'm wondering why it had to be that early, as the ferry scheduled to depart at 9am. ayah drove me to the jetty which is about 15 minutes drive from teratak iman. it was a busy morning at the jetty. the place seemed packed with everybody from the mainland. just before i arrived, redang reef guy called me, asking where am i as he needed to pass the ferry ticket and sounded like he had to leave the place a.s.a.p. ah..what a service...treated me like that...he could me more turned out, i was the only redang reef customer for that morning, hence explained the big-deal-we-got-to-leave attitude.

i walked to one of the counters there, to pay for the marine park fee and then went to the departure hall. was so uncomfortable to be stuffed in the hall with all those mainlands that didn't take morning shower. and regardless of time, the attitude of talking loud always there, even in the early morning. i couldn't even find a seat, and had to stand while queuing. 

friends in KL was just arrived the Subang airport and they got another 2 hours before the 10am flight. i didn't do much except waiting and yawning (yeap...still sleepy), and watching whatever these people doing in front of me while queuing. ah..there was a group of european guys, and they were loud too, and bragging about the boxes of beers/vodkas they bought and going to carry to the island. people...i don't know what was the option there...probably when you are drunk, tenuk pun boleh layan kot.

it was passing 830am and we were called to depart. and travelling alone like this, i always tried to get to the seat as soon as possible. seating transportation will always eliminate lone ranger to the bottom of the chain, hence might ended up no seating etc. i walked fast and following these guys with the beers box etc. and cursing ' aish...kalau la tsunami pulau tu sebab diaorng neh..'.

ok. the ferry was full that morning and no seat left for me to stretch my legs etc. i managed to get the window seat. i took out my gaga's sunglasses and started enjoying my rem cycle. but then it was still early, as i heard the ferry guys voice asking passengers to be more considerate, by not putting their bags etc. on the seat to allow others to sit. well..the mainland, they were the majority that day, and most came in big group, talking loud and conquering the seats. padan muka kena marah.

it was time to go. and i don't have much memory what was on the screen that day. but i remember, watching the gloomy sky through the window, whenever i opened my eyes from my rem. it was a long 2-hours journey.

i totally woke up, when heard people started talking excitedly, and start snapping their duck face with the blurry background of the island, behind the ferry windows. was time already. everybody, as usual, started to grab their bags and moved their asses, ready to get out from the confined. the ferry stopped at the water in front of the Pasir Panjang beach, but it would not go closer due to the shallow water. all passengers had to be transferred to the barge nearby, and then to the beach.

ah..macam PATI pulak.

i saw the redang reef from the barge! it was at the end of the beach and i was imagining a long walk under the hot sun i had to do once i stepped my feet on the beach later, until i saw the carrier with a big sign of 'Redang Reef'. ah..they provide a transfer! yeay!.

and to the beach-boys of redang reef suprise, i was the only customer from the trip. somehow, they were a bit disappointed, probably because i was not the hot-babes they were expecting. and honestly, muke ketat jer semua. unfriendly faces..and they didn't even talk much with me. and even when we arrived at the wooden bridge that lead to the resort, they just asked me to follow the path.

i made a quick stop before reaching the resort and enjoying the vista of Pasir Panjang beach...hoping, there'd be no more drama after this!



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